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From the hustle and bustle of the Annecy festival, where all the languages ​​and formats of the animated cinema collide in June, Prince's Journey was distinguished by its majesty, its almost patrimonial rigor ensuring Jean-François Laguionie's sixth feature (co-directed with Xavier Picard) to be impervious to aging. This stilted elegance is first embodied in an enveloping voice-over, with the language supported – a device that Laguionie handles perfectly since his Gwen original. Here, it is about the interior monologues of a stranded man, a strange stranger lying on the seashore. A monkey with a stature different from that of the adolescent chimpanzee who finds him inanimate and brings him back to a museum where the intruder is placed under observation by the scrutiny of a handful of scientists. Bizarre for its congeners, the guinea pig is familiar with the one who has already traveled to the side of Laguionie, since it was crossed twenty years ago in the Castle of the monkeys. Prince Laurent was then the guest. Here he is far from home, lost on the other side of the ocean, in the position of the adventurer Vernien subjugated by the architectural prowess of this new world dedicated to technology and innovation.

Through the path of his enlightened aristocrat, the filmmaker arranges the meeting between the Renaissance and the universe of the Industrial Revolution, incarnated in this unnatural city, torn from a forest that must be constantly pushed back by cutting its plant tentacles. A great creator of the world, the filmmaker excels in transcribing this wonder in front of this temple erected in precision mechanics, in the manufacture, to give flesh and stone to this city-state set on the cycles of its assembly lines. Before breaking the shell of this egg-world so coherent that it forbids any form of curiosity and to show the ridicule of its assembly of fateful and sure leaders like bourgeois of Daumier denying the possibility of an elsewhere. Philosophical tale that refuses to do morals, this Trip talking about consumption and the arts (by replaying a King Kong in the country of monkeys), work and alienation, turning green fable while allowing a bit of biting on the babas ecolos treetops. The classic beauty of his drawings cutting with those of Castle of 1999, which took a terrible blow of old.

Marius Chapuis

Prince's Journey of Jean-François Laguionie and Xavier Picard 1:17

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