“The Journey” of Myriam Fares on “Netflix” brings her a lot of criticism and a little sympathy

The reactions of the followers of the documentary film, which dealt with the life of the Lebanese artist, Myriam Fares, entitled “The Journey”, after its release on the “Netflix” network, varied.

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And the irony of the exaggerations mentioned in the film, where the artist confirmed that she felt bored and depressed during the ban period, as viewers wondered how fatigue could infiltrate her even though she lives in an elegant palace filled with all the luxuries some of which dream of the great majority of people, while sympathizing Where some with the story of her miscarriage.

A large number of followers considered the documentary’s story surprising, wondering how Miriam suffered during the ban, while she lives in a luxurious palace, which includes gardens, swimming pools, sports and gym areas, sauna and jacuzzi?

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A large number of them mocked the monitoring of the suffering of Myriam Fares with the ban, while others underestimated the importance of a documentary dealing with the life of the Lebanese star..

Tamer Farag's Instagram post

The Egyptian artist, Tamer Farag, mocked the movie “The Journey”, and posted a video clip of it from the movie, through his account on “Instagram”, and commented: “I’m sorry, folks, but I, Rania, and Nadine… are sitting now watching a documentary film that Miriam Fares worked on and it was exposed On Netflix, she explains her suffering with pregnancy during the ban due to Corona in the international park that she has in her home.. and tears are escaping from our eyes.. the suffering left the stinging, your prayers for Myriam Fares.

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While a number of Myriam Fares’s followers sympathized with the story of her loss and miscarriage, and the psychological problems she suffered afterwards..

The movie “The Journey” took second place on the platform, which is shown within 11 minutes, which is its duration, and Myriam revealed her artistic and personal experiences, which she lived to become the most important singer in Lebanon “according to her description”, where she started her episode speaking about Corona..

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Myriam Fares said that she was in Bahrain performing a party when the first case of HIV infection appeared in Lebanon on February 22, 2020.

And she continued: She returned to Beirut with a completely new situation for her, “a second life that I and my family must adapt to, we considered it a war and we must hide in order to protect ourselves, and this is what happened.”

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In the film, Myriam also reviewed the details of her pregnancy journey: “I learned that I was pregnant with my second child on the seventh of June of 2017, at that time I was going through a health crisis and my body could not bear the pregnancy, I felt that a part of me was gone.”

Myriam described her feeling at this time, saying: “At the time, I had a feeling of guilt, although the abortion was not my fault, but I felt depressed and lonely, and I felt things that only women who went through the same harsh experience or an experience similar to what I went through will understand or feel.”

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She confirmed that this experience caused psychological crises that made her think strongly about retiring, and she said: “After what happened, I felt that I had lost all my energy, and I was in a state of sadness, depression and frustration that made me think about retiring, and stopping all the projects that I was planning and that were under implementation, I decided at that time to stay away from the artistic scene permanently.”

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It is noteworthy that Myriam Fares’ latest work is the song “Helweh Status”, in which she participated in an advertisement with the Egyptian artist Aser Yassin. , caused a great deal of controversy and was widely criticized, due to media statements she had made two years ago, in which she announced that her wages had become large for working in Egypt..


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