Entertainment "The Journey to the Moon", a Norwegian Odyssey

"The Journey to the Moon", a Norwegian Odyssey


The trip to the moon **

from Rasmus A. Sivertsen,

Norwegian animated film, 1 h 20
From 5 years

The synopsis looks like a joke told after a dine dinner … A hedgehog, a magpie and a Norwegian bureaucrat fly to the moon. Will they come back alive? Even Jules Verne and Georges Méliès would not have dared to imagine such a story.

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Taking again the characters created by a Norwegian author famous in his country, Kjell Aukrust, his compatriot Rasmus Sivertsen realizes there the third part of the adventures of Solan the reckless pie, Ludvig the timorous hedgehog and Feodor the inventor countryman.

Cousin of Aardman

Brocarding with the same verve, overzealous officials, pushy politicians and a haunting Journey to the Moon, sometimes has the flavor of Aardman productions, hilarious parodies of genre movies featuring the famous Shaun the sheep, or Wallace and his dog Gromit.

Aardman, the big hours of the British animation studio

Did not the famous British duo, too, perform in A great excursion (1994), a zany lunar tour? The two films share the puppet animation technique image by image, and a crafted shuttle with the same sense of retro-futuristic detail: curtains to the portholes, typewriter and dial phone for interstellar communications and space suit propelled by the gas of bottles of beer …

The tempo is unfortunately not as hectic as the Aardman productions, the rarer gags and the less poetic fantasy. But the odyssey is nice, celebrating both the friendship between the two friends and the preservation of the (extra) terrestrial environment.

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