The judge releases the former head of ETA David Pla delivered by France

The judge of the National Court María Tardón has released the former ETA chief David Pla (Pamplona, ​​1975) with the prohibition to leave Spain and appear weekly in court, as requested by the Prosecutor in his appearance in the case for which was delivered yesterday from France.

As they have informed Efe legal sources on Wednesday, the judge has adopted this decision after the Prosecutor’s Office raised the possibility that its prosecution in the cause of Halboka, the legal front of ETA, for a crime of integration into a terrorist organization is a thing judged to have already served in France a penalty for a similar offense.

Tardón has therefore not taken into account the allegations of the accusation that the AVT makes in this case, which considers that these are different events over time, nor the request of the defense that he should not be allowed to leave Spain because who has a 4-year-old daughter in the French Basque Country. .

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