The judge removes Pablo Iglesias the condition of “injured” and “offended” in the Villarejo case

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“The steps taken have not allowed to specify to what extent Pablo Iglesias is offended or harmed by any criminal offense”, emphasizes the judge of the National Court, Manuel Garca Castelln

Pablo Iglesias, during the last session of control of the Government in Congress.
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    The former adviser to Podemos declares in the ‘Villarejo case’ that Pablo Iglesias returned the already destroyed mobile phone card and months behind schedule

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    Anticorruption asks the judge to withdraw the condition of victim in the ‘Villarejo case’ to Vice President Pablo Iglesias

The vice president of the Government and leader of Unidas Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, is not harmed in theVillarejo caseand, consequently, he has been expelled as a private accusation.

The head of the Central Court of Instruction Number 6 of the National Court,Manuel Garca Castelln, has issued this Monday a car, where at the request of the Anticorruption Prosecutor, agrees “the revocation to Pablo Iglesias Turrin of the condition of injured and offended maintained until now” in the separate piece where the theft of the mobile phone of the former adviser to Podemos,Dina Bousselham.

In the order, the content of which has been advanced by EL MUNDO, the judge maintains that “said condition is unsustainable given that the procedures carried out have not made it possible to specifyto what extent are you offended or harmed by any criminal offense, but also, the contradictions revealed require an investigative effort that is incompatible with the intended procedural position “.

In addition, Garca Castellón refuses to offer Bousselham the possibility of stating “against whom he exercises criminal action and if he lends express forgiveness for possible criminal acts that could have been committed against it” after evidencing that the leader of Unidas Podemos “would have kept in his possession theSIM cardof the mobile during a period that could range from 5 to 39 months. “The magistrate maintains that the Anticorruption request to ask the former adviser of Podemos against whom or who wants to express forgiveness of the punishable acts is” imprecise and unnecessary, in terms of suitability, as well as being hasty. “

“Dina Bousselham is not a third party outside the procedure, but an individual party who has already exercised the criminal action and who has repeatedly expressed clearly, through her representation, herwillingness to prosecute crimesinvestigated against all those who, so far, have appeared as suspects of their alleged commission, “stresses the togado, who stresses that the former adviser to the purple formation” in none of the judicial statements expressed her will not to direct the action. criminal for this crime against a specific person. “

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On the other hand, the judge asks the Internal Affairs Unit of the National Police Corps to analyze the emails delivered byRicardo S Ferreira, sentimental partner of the former adviser to Podemos, “in order to practice as many measures as possible to clarify the shipments to third parties and physical alterations that could have been the object of the card provided by Dina Bousselham from the date of the robbery to the moment of her contribution in court. “

In addition, the instructor maintains that, from the actions carried out to find out if there was blackmail regarding the theft of the mobile phone from the former adviser to Iglesias,Dina Bousselham, “the illegality of the performance of the media cannot be inferred at this timeOkdiaryor their managers. Nor is it possible to link the publications that appear in the aforementioned digital newspaper, exclusively to the intervention of the researchedJos Manuel Villarejo.Said digital published WhatsApp messages from the Bousselham mobile in which Iglesias told him to spank the journalistMaril Montero“until it bled.”

In the electoral campaign of the general elections in April 2019, the current Vice President of the Government profited the investigation opened by the National Court – the separate piece calledDyne– presenting itself to society as avictim of the sewers of the State.After giving a statement in court, Iglesias said there was “a criminal plot linking corrupt police, the media and big businessmen” in this country and described it as “one of the greatest shames of our democracy.”

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