The judge returns confiscated weapons, cars and jewelry from the Russian Navy laundering plot

Weapons seized in the house of a Russian lawyer in Altea. | LEVANTE-EMV

Investigated in the judicial case opened in Benidorm for an alleged business plot of money laundering of Russian organized crime, they are gradually recovering the assets that were intervened in the operation carried out by the Police last December. The head magistrate of the Instruction Court number 1 of Benidorm has been ordering for a few months the return of jewelry, computers, mobile phones, high-end vehicles and other property confiscated in the 18 searches carried out by the Police, according to sources close to the case confirmed to this newspaper.

On the contrary, the same sources affirm that the judge maintains the seizures of the real estate properties and the blocking of bank accounts, although it has authorized that the investigated have a certain amount of money to be able to survive.

In addition to the goods mentioned, the court also ordered the Police to return the short and long weapons seized at the home of the Russian lawyer Alexey S. in Altea. As this newspaper published after the arrest of this lawyer, he was not charged with the crime of illegal possession of weapons because he had a license for their possession, hence the court has ended up ordering their return.

The magistrate of the Court of Instruction number 1 of Benidorm issued in April an order in which she agreed to inhibit in favor of the central Courts of Instruction of the National Court, but the Court of Alicante has revoked it in mid-July and therefore not the case will be instructed in Madrid.

The Benidorm judge spoke in her order of a business and corporate network whose objective was illicit enrichment through fraudulent means and that had had a negative impact “both on the security of commercial traffic, as well as on the national economy.” He also stressed that it is a criminal association that laundered money from Russian organized crime both in Spain and abroad, hence he considered that the National Court should take over the investigation of the case.

However, the defense lawyers of several investigated appealed this decision and the Second Section of the Provincial Court of Alicante agreed in mid-July to revoke the order of the Benidorm court. The Hearing affirms in its resolution that the Benidorm court “does not expose with due specificity the objective data that support that we find ourselves before crimes of money laundering” that come from criminal acts committed totally or partially abroad. The Court adds that it does not mention what crimes are, nor does it specify data proving “fraud that may have a serious impact on the security of commercial traffic, on the national economy or property damage to a generality of people in the territory of more than one Court. ».


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