world The judge sends prisoner to the former director of...

The judge sends prisoner to the former director of the Mexican oil company Pemex


The judge of the National Court Ismael Moreno has decreed the entry into prison of theGeneral Director of the Mexican oil company Pemex Emilio Ricardo Lozoya, claimed by his country for corruption offenses allegedly committed between 2012 and 2013. The Mexican Prosecutor’s Office figuresat 280 million dollars the total money defraudedfor crimes that according to Spanish legal order would be constitutive of money laundering.

The magistrate has taken into account that according to his own statement, given through videoconference from the courts of Marbella, a town in Malaga near the place where he was arrested on Wednesday, he has only been in Spain for two days, which prevents him from understanding that he has enough roots as to conjure the risk of escape, while processing the extradition issued by Mexico.

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Lozoya has refused before the judge to be returned to his country, whichNow you have 45 days to send all the documentation to Spainavailable to prove the facts for which it is claimed. The judge emphasizes in his car that at the time of his arrest he was traveling in a taxi of a private company and provided with a Mexican driving identification but in the name of another person, specifically, Johathan Solís Fuentes, which is interpreted as “a intention to avoid the action of justice. “

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The Mexican authorities initiated ainternational search to stop the fugitive, which led to Spain where the fugitive was located in different locations, although high purchasing power and international ties complicated its location.

Investigations carried out by the National Police continued duringnine months, until at the beginning of 2020 the fugitive could be located in Malaga.



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