The jump of the year? The video shot in Torreilles that caused a sensation and accumulated millions of views

Taken at the Frenzy Waterpark in Torreilles, a video accumulates millions of views in a few days.

The Torreilles Waterpark organized this Monday, August 1st, the Frenzy best tricks, a competition for the best jump reserved for seasoned players and sponsored for several years by the energy drink brand Red Bull.

It is in this context that a leap was made that has since caused a sensation on social networks. A video posted on the official account of the Frenzy Waterpark in Torreilles at the start of the week and which has been taken up on most of the large accounts specializing in the sharing of thrilling videos.

We see a man, alias “La Mascotte”, fly from the roof of the highest ramp of the Torreilles water amusement park. With the speed, he makes a jump of astonishing magnitude before falling back into the water without damage.

Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat… All platforms have taken over the video which now has millions of views and a few hours.

“La Mascotte”, for its part, has now acquired notoriety and its jumps are now shared as never before. Jumps not to be reproduced without experience or the authorization of the organizers, of course.

Built just ten years ago, the Torreilles Water jump got a complete makeover this summer after 9 months of work and an investment of €6 million in total. The old site has in fact been completely razed in favor of a brand new aquatic complex including the largest water jump in Europe with 14 different ramps to take off from 2 to 10 meters above the water and an inclination that can go up to 80 degrees…

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