The Jura inaugurates its cantonal vaccination center

The canton of Jura opened its cantonal anti-Covid-19 vaccination center (CEVAC) on Monday. Around 150 people will be vaccinated there daily initially. The capacity could then be increased to perform up to 600 injections per day.

Currently, around a thousand people have received their first dose of the vaccine, whether at the Jura Hospital or in homes. At present, vulnerable people living at home, as well as health personnel outside institutions can be vaccinated at the cantonal center located in Courtételle.

To date, more than 3,400 people have already registered for the vaccination. Around 500 people have already been contacted by the hotline to set up an appointment. Authorities hope priority people, especially those over the age of 75, will continue to register.

Initially, around 150 people will be vaccinated daily at CEVAC with the possibility of increasing the capacity of the center up to a maximum of 600 per day depending on the doses available. Some 20 people work on site. The vaccination hotline has about ten employees, the Jura cantonal authorities said on Monday.

The authorization of the Moderna vaccine should make it possible in the medium term to increase the capacity for vaccination against Covid-19 with voluntary medical practices and pharmacies. Vaccination is free for the population.



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