“The Kardashians: Season 3 Premiere Recap and Drama Unveiled on Star Plus”

2023-05-26 05:32:18

Although some might have had doubts about the criteria of launching new seasons of the reality show “The Kardashians” (at first it was said that there would only be two), everything indicates that the clan led by Kris Jenner still has a lot to give to lovers of entertainment. And this is demonstrated by the premiere chapter of the third season, available now on Star Plus.

If something had characterized the first two seasons of this reality show, it was that certain characters had almost completely disappeared if we take as a reference what Keeping Up With The Kardashians once was, a format whose repetitions are now spread across different streaming channels.

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Caitlyn Jenner, Rob Kardashian, Kanye West, Scott Disick, among others, were left behind in this new television alternative, so the spotlight was placed directly on the sisters and their mother/agent, Kris Jenner. Although not always all had majority participation, especially Kylie and in second place Kendall.

In the first episode of season three of The Kardashians, the only one who returns – and in style – is Scott Disick. Apparently detached from his conceited image, this time the businessman shines twice in the episode. He always has the role of ‘brother’ with the girls of the clan. His closeness with Khloé is evident, and the same – although perhaps to a lesser extent – ​​with Kim Kardashian.

Of course, Scott is not just a physical presence. From his movements, grimaces and snappy jokes, to the way he ‘interrogates’ his ex-sisters-in-law is interesting. With Kim, seeing her listless, he asks her point-blank if she was facing the consequences of a ‘breakup’, making clear reference to the end of her relationship with Pete Davidson. “I don’t do well with breakups,” replies the socialite.

Let this also help us to talk about Davidson. The comedian – who did appear in some moments of the previous seasons – finally separated from Kim after nine months of relationship. Asked about it, Kardashian hinted that she feels somewhat guilty because, as is public, Kanye West (father of her four children) grabbed the comedian as a piñata for those nine months. He spread Fake News and insulted him every chance he got.

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“Pete suffered a lot because of that,” reveals Kim.

Later, already in dialogue with the production, the businesswoman reflected on whether she could give herself a chance in love later on. “I don’t stop to think about who will be with someone who has four children and is over forty. Who is going to want to deal with so much drama? But the right person would tell me that it comes to him, and that we will be happy in spite of everything. I am waiting for that person ”, she sentences.

Although her participation in this first episode of the third season starts somewhat cold, it is in the final part that the socialite shows why she is the most notorious mainstay in a program that – if we count what was seen on E! – already has more than one decade on the air: it has everything that can be interesting for an entertainment portal.

Kim Kardashian confesses, in a moving dialogue with her mother and agent, that her situation with Kanye is untenable. Although she divorced the rapper and music producer, he does not stop tormenting her with misplaced statements and disrespect. She, although she has every chance to defend herself against her, has preferred to remain silent in favor of the emotional stability of her children.

“With everything Kanye says about us I don’t say anything. He has made up some absurd stories. Now I take it for granted that whatever I write to you may end up posted on the Internet. I shouldn’t say anything because I know that the day will come when my children will appreciate it, ”he says after breaking down in tears.

Continuing in said conversation, the businesswoman assures that Kanye was able to invent an affair with Drake while they were still married! “He started this rumor that I was cheating on him with Drake, she said so publicly. The person who claims to protect me accuses me of something like that, ”he complains through tears.

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Supported by her mother, Kim regrets being “trapped” in this kind of toxic tunnel with the father of her children. She agrees to play her father’s music in her car, but – as she confesses – nothing makes her sadder than hearing her voice. “When is this going to end?” she asks aloud.

The drama takes a step to the side in this episode that also includes a series of revelations. Not all positive, of course. Kourtney Kardashian had no luck in her first IVF attempts, so her plan to have children with Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker has taken other directions.

“In vitro fertilization took its toll on me emotionally. My health is still hurting, ”she says first. Then he says that egg freezing is not the wonder that many believe. “Freezing eggs does not guarantee anything. People do it thinking it’s a safety net and it’s not.” Finally, she seems willing to understand destiny: “The most important thing is to be happy, to be a good mother. We have realized that what has to be will be”.

None of this, however, takes away from the businesswoman continuing to enjoy her sex life with Barker. At one point in the episode, both are interrupted by a visit from Khloé, who must wait for her turn to talk to her sister. It took 15 minutes while the newlyweds tried to ‘order the stork’. Something, evidently, was not achieved.

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And from Khloé’s side, the mother of the family and businesswoman who found out in the previous season that Tristan Thompson, a basketball player with whom she has a daughter and with whom she had planned to have another via a surrogate mother, cheated on her (again). with another woman, he faces a new drama. But this time she has nothing to do with love but with health. She has been detected with a melanoma on her left cheek. The possibility that the result will be cancer keeps her on her toes, and everyone at home shares her concern. In her way, of course.

Precisely about the latter, at some point the following idea floats through the heads of the sisters: are they used to being happy, to succeeding and sharing everything good together, but aren’t they ready to share sadness and depression?

Khloé’s state of health will remain a topic of interest in the coming episodes, perhaps greater than the birth of her second child with the Los Angeles Lakers basketball player. For now we now have two revelations about it. The first: the baby has been named Tatum. And second, Khloé still doesn’t feel ‘connected’ enough to a baby that didn’t come from her womb (“It was like a transaction”).

“It’s a matter of time,” says Scott Disick upon hearing this revelation.

Finally, this first episode of the third season of The Kardashians includes a free driving lesson that Kendall gives to her sister Kylie aboard a 1997 Porsche. It’s a moment of fun between sisters, much like the one at the beginning. of the chapter, when the whole family was happy ice skating with professional dancers. “We wanted to record a video clip. And we choose to skate. Why not? ”, She justified. Kim Kardashian. After this, there is basically ‘the usual’ in this reality: luxury cars, family reunions, beautiful mansions, food and healthy living.

“The Kardashians”season 3/ Star Plus

Synopsis: The family you know and love is here with a new series, providing an all-access pass into their lives. Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie bring the cameras to reveal the truth behind the headlines. From the intense pressures of running multi-billion dollar businesses to the hilarious joys of playtime and school dropout, this series draws viewers in with a rivetingly honest story of love and life in the spotlight.

Original title: “The Kardashians”

Duration: 10 episodes

Classification: 14 years

Gender: Reality

Qualification: ★★★

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