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2023-06-10 13:11:50

Huang Lianyu. (File photo of this newspaper)

Golden song king Huang Lianyu won the Best Hakka Singer Award and the Best Hakka Album Award last year with “Destroyer Mountain”, and won the “Best Singing Group Award” with “Xinbaodao Kang Band”, and finally won the The “Jury Award” is very beautiful. Unexpectedly, 2 days ago, a 22-year-old woman publicly posted a complaint against Huang Lianyu on Facebook, saying that she was suffering every day, and even committed suicide to seek to get rid of this nightmare; Huang Lianyu today (10th) issued a statement through the studio on the second floor to fight back, saying that “a lawyer has been appointed to assist in the lawsuit.”

Regarding the woman’s accusations, Huang Lianyu’s studio on the second floor urgently issued a statement to the cooperative manufacturer: “The recent anonymous articles on the Internet directly alluding to the company’s producer, Mr. Huang Lianyu, are purely fictional and unproven. Seriously hurt the reputation of the company, and caused great pain to Mr. Huang Lianyu and his family. A lawyer has been appointed to assist in the lawsuit, and I would like to inform all units with this letter.” Xiuxiu, Huang Lianyu’s agent wife, told this newspaper earlier The reporter added that another statement is being drawn up by lawyers, followed by a formal public statement.

Huang Lianyu’s studio on the second floor issued a statement today. (Provided by the studio on the second floor)

The woman posted an article in the middle of the night on Thursday, expressing her acquaintance with Huang Lianyu in more than 1180 words. She said that she was inspired by Huang Lianyu’s performance at the Golden Melody Awards when she was in junior high school. “After watching the performance, I found this musician. I typed a touching message and sent it to him, thus connecting this relationship.” I just didn’t expect that the friendly relationship between the two would completely break down after the Golden Melody Awards ceremony last year. Huang Lianyu mentioned “we are all aborigines” when he took the stage to accept the award, which caused a storm of public criticism afterwards, “I was very supportive at the time. He, based on our teacher-student relationship, I went to the studio to find him soon and discussed the incident with him. I thought it was just a discussion, until after drinking we went to a room and sat watching TV, and he suddenly set me up shoulder, and then forcefully kissed me, I was already drunk at the time, I had no strength to resist, only full of astonishment, and then I can’t remember the next thing, I only know that my pants were taken off, and I will not Got it, don’t know how it all ended and how I got home in the end.”

She said that she couldn’t believe all this after the incident, “Would he really do such a thing with such a high status?” He also mentioned that after Huang violated her, his life became a mess, unable to sing, listen to music and create, and even more afraid that “if I ignore him, I will be blocked in the circle. I suffer these pains every day. “, and later even self-harmed, “This incident has a great negative impact on me.” She admits that she has no choice but does not have the energy to go through the legal process and sue the other party, “But I still want to speak out, because speaking out has healing power for me. I hope that in the future, there will be no more young women like me who trust others easily , more precautions, more vigilance. This is the nightmare I most want to get rid of.”

The reporter interviewed the woman by phone earlier, and she said: “The other party has issued a statement to disclaim responsibility, so I can only fight. I am willing to accept interviews from now on, and I also agree that the article will be reproduced by the media.” It is expected that tomorrow will be with Lawyers meet to discuss follow-up matters.

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