The “king of meteor showers”… an astronomical phenomenon that the earth witnesses in December

The sky will witness over the northern hemisphere next December Meteor showers It is so dense in an astronomical view that it is called “the king of meteor showers”.

The “Jumnid” and “Ursid” meteor shower will reach its peak between December 14 and 22, according to what was confirmed by the press office of the “planetarium” in Moscow.

The “Jumnid” is considered one of the strongest annual meteor showers. They appear in the sky from December 4 to 17 each year. Another title has been given to this meteor shower, “the king of meteor showers”.

It consists of meteor showers Small particles thrown by an asteroid 3200″ into space, causing the Earth to pass through a cloud of meteorites.

On the night of December 13-14, astronomers expect meteor shower activity to peak. The meteorite emission region is located near the constellation Gemini.

According to the forecasts of the International Meteorite Station, the number of meteors is likely to reach 150 meteors per hour. The Jamnid meteors will be white and bright.

And it can fall a lot, but the conditions for monitoring the “Jumnid” in 2022 are not favorable because the moon is approaching the last quarter of its homes, which impedes the detection of meteors.

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