The king’s reaction to seeing Bolívar’s sword in Petro’s possession

petro possession
Photo: EFE

possession of Gustavo Petro, last Sunday, August 8, gave all sectors of Colombian society something to talk about: María José Pizarro —daughter of the murdered M-19 leader Carlos Pizarro— putting the presidential sash on the president, the political messages on the garments of those attending the event, the cultural display that took place throughout the country and many more were the aspects that stood out during the great event.

But, definitively, one of the moments that marked this swearing-in was the presence of the King of Spain, Felipe VI, and his reaction to the transfer of Simón Bolívar’s sword to the proscenium.

most of leaders and representatives of different Latin American countries and the world stood up and applauded at the arrival of the Colombian national symbol at Plaza Bolívar. That was not the case for the Spanish monarch, who remained seated.

This inaction aroused criticism, mainly in Spain. For example, the founder of the political party Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, pointed out the gesture as a “disrespect to a symbol of freedom in Latin America.”

Even so, in Colombia the situation was taken with grace and derision, giving free rein to a lot of memes and reactions on social networks.

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