The Kremlin points out that the West uses “a phantom threat” to supply weapons

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. / PHOTO: REUTERS | VIDEO: EP

In his opinion, Western countries continue to flood Ukraine with weapons, instead of enforcing the Minsk agreements, approved by the UN Security Council.


The spokesman for the Russian government, Dimitri Peskov, has pointed to the West as responsible for the tension in Eastern Europe and has stressed that it uses “a phantom threat” to supply weapons to Ukraine.

“Against the backdrop of an artificial and phantom threat allegedly emanating from Russia, Western countries continue to flood Ukraine with weapons, supply their military advisers, and generally go along with Ukraine’s provocations rather than make them execute the agreements of Minsk, approved by the UN Security Council,” Peskov denounced, as reported by the Russian agency TASS.

In his opinion, “this means that children, the elderly and women will continue to die in eastern Ukraine”, since “the Kiev government is waging an unannounced war against them for many years”.

The US warns of its alliances

“If any Russian forces move across the Ukrainian border, if there is a new invasion, (Russia) will be met with a swift, severe and united response not only from the United States, but also from our allies and partners,” he said. State Department spokesman Ned Price at a press conference.

“All options are very present, and we stand united with allies and partners to decisively impose severe consequences on Russia,” Price said.

In this sense, he has asserted that the United States hopes to be able to avoid the conflict: «We hope that dialogue and diplomacy can help us find a way out of this, help us find a path towards de-escalation and, ultimately, towards a peaceful resolution. of this Russian aggression.

The authorities of Russia and Ukraine have been raising their political pulse in recent weeks with crossed accusations about an imminent military offensive, in a new upswing in the tension that has existed since the separatist rebellion in Donbas began in 2014 and Moscow proclaimed the annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

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