The Kuomintang was brutally killed three times, and Wang Jinping spit out “9 characters”. Netizens couldn’t bear it any longer.

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What is the future of the Kuomintang’s losing streak?Wang Jinping called for unity and said this | Zhongshi News Network

At the end of last year, the four major referendums, the by-election of legislators in the second constituency of Taichung City, and the recall of Lin Changzuo in the fifth constituency of Taipei City, the Kuomintang suffered “three killings”. Former President of the Legislative Yuan, Wang Jinping, attended the event yesterday (17) and said, “I think unity comes first” when talking about the recent situation of the Kuomintang. Wang’s remarks sparked heated discussions, but a large number of netizens couldn’t help but scold them, believing that the Kuomintang would fall and have nothing to do with Wang today.

Wang Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the “KMT 4th Congress Youth Experience Camp” yesterday. When asked by many voices that Zhu Lilun was responsible for the KMT’s recent performance, Wang responded that he did not participate in party activities, such as referendums and by-elections. Participated, so inconvenient to answer any questions.

In response to the suggestion that Zhu Lilun should expand the decision-making circle, Wang Jinping said that everyone has different opinions, and some people may think that only by recognizing the situation can they take contingency measures. The more aspects that can be considered will be more diverse. As for the current situation of the Kuomintang, Wang said, “I think unity comes first,” stressing that the Kuomintang needs to understand the purpose of competing political parties, and understand its own situation to make the best response, so as to strengthen the relationship and strength of the Kuomintang.

Wang Jinping’s remarks sparked heated discussions on the Internet, with more than 135 comments flooding into the relevant links on the Facebook page of “Zhongshi News Network”, and all of them were criticisms of Wang: “Blue skin and green bones”, “It’s all you!” ” In the beginning, it was because you didn’t use the power of the police that the situation became like this.” “Look at Lao Ke’s arrogance now.”


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