The Kwai Rong Court Disciplinary Services Dormitory is now wearing only underwear and armed with a gun. The crime team of the male policeman arrives at the scene to investigate the news: off-duty police check the BB bullet gun after the stairs | Position report

There was a suspected gun case in the Disciplinary Services Dormitory of Kwai Rong Court, Stone Street, Kwai Chung, this evening. A large number of police officers arrived at the scene and searched the building with guns. The news stated that an off-duty police officer was a resident at the address and wanted to check his BB bullet gun, but he was worried about affecting the children at home, so he went to the back stairs to check. During the inspection, he was photographed by the neighbor’s CCTV. The neighbor called the security guard for help. The Crime Squad of the Kwai Tsing Police District came to the scene to find out, but found that the incident had no criminal element. The case was changed from “Suspicious Person Found” to “Request for Police Assistance”.

According to the police, a security guard was reported at about 6 pm today (20) that a suspicious man was holding an object similar to a pistol in Block 2, Kwai Rong Court, Stone Street, Kwai Chung. When the police officers arrived, they wore bullet-proof vests and carried live ammunition to search. The police officer then found the man who only wears underwear on the back stairs of the estate. He said he wanted to check the BB bullet gun at home, but he was afraid of affecting the children at home, so he went to the back stairs for the check. During the time, his whereabouts were monitored by other residents’ closed-circuit televisions outside the house. The lens is captured.

According to the news, the personnel concerned did not go to public places with guns. After the police officers of the crime team arrived at the scene and learned, they believed that the incident did not involve criminal elements for the time being.

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