The Labor Inspectorate classifies as a work accident the fatal hit-and-run of Virginia Marín

The Work inspection has rated the fatally run over by Virgina Martín, home help service worker algecirassuch as a work accident. The woman was run over by a van when she was leaving a house in San García last October, as reported by the CCOO union.

CCOO requested its qualification arguing that it should be considered a work accident as it happened when he was walking on the sidewalk in a journey between two services.

The labor authority has recognized this in the resolution of the complaint, although it does not show violation of occupational risk prevention regulations, attributing the causes of the accident to the vehicle that, without a driver, invaded the sidewalk and ran over the worker. Leaving the details of the incident to the police investigation results.

CCOO has reiterated its condolences to the family and colleagues of the deceased, lamenting her irreparable loss due to this fatality.

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