The Lakers’ rejected offer for Kyrie Irving revealed!

Before his decision to extend with the Nets, Kyrie Irving was indeed the subject of an offer from the Lakers. The Californian franchise tried its luck to recruit the leader, but it ran into a wall. Their package was quickly declined, with Brooklyn not interested. This undoubtedly precipitated the future of Uncle Drew, without solution.

Following a lot of rumors in recent days, Kyrie Irving will finally stay with the Nets. The decision fell on Monday evening, ending the suspense for the leader, but also Kevin Durant, also quoted on the start. A soap opera that ends rather well for Brooklyn, even if everything will start again in a year from now. Kyrie remains, but without an extension, which means he will be free in the summer of 2023.

Difficult to know more, but we imagine that his future will depend a lot on the performances to come. If Brooklyn still suffers a bitter failure during this new campaign, one can imagine that Kyrie will want to look elsewhere. To the Lakers for example? It is likely, since in a year, the Californian franchise will also be able to turn the page on Russell Westbrook.

Lakers failed to convince Nets for Kyrie Irving

However, and according to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Angelinos did not necessarily want to lose a year. According to the ESPN insider, the franchise therefore took action by making an offer for a sign-and-trade. Irving extends to the Nets, but he is sent to the Lakers in stride. In exchange ? Russell Westbrook made the reverse trip, which the leaders quickly refused, according to the same source.

Woj just explained on SportsCenter that the Lakers offered a sign-and-trade centered on Russell Westbrook, but the Nets aren’t interested.

It should come as no surprise to anyone, as the two point guards are in a similar situation: not in the shape of their lives, and with a contract that ends in a year. The Lakers could have strengthened here, just the opposite of the Nets, who know that Irving is superior to Westbrook at the moment and remains a better fit. Granted, Brooklyn could have made Kyrie’s life easier, but it’s obviously not in their best interest.

(Westbrook) has an expiring contract. It allows you to stay competitive. When that money is no longer part of your expenses, it’s a massive sum to spend on the next offseason.

The Nets could have picked up Russell Westbrook, but the offer from the Lakers was not considered attractive. Difficult to blame them, since the Angelinos are very limited in their means. A real status quo on arrival for the two teams, which will not have the right to make mistakes next season.

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