The largest deployment in the history of Andalusia to put out a fire

Sierra Bermeja: The largest deployment in the history of Andalusia to put out a fire


The counselor Carmen Crespo and the counselor and spokesperson for the Andalusian Government, Elías Bendodo.

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The counselor Carmen Crespo and the counselor and spokesperson for the Andalusian Government, Elías Bendodo.

The fire in Sierra Bermeja, already controlled, but not extinct, is the one who has hoarded the biggest deployment of human and technical resources in the recent history of the Andalusian community. In the area they worked 1,100 troops (500 from Infoca), under the command of the extinction plan, to which 51 air resources were added. Burned 9,640 hectares. This deployment was necessary to fight an exceptional fire, described by experts as the first fire of “Sixth generation” that is suffered in Spain by its special characteristics, dangerousness and virulence. In addition, the Almería forest firefighter died Carlos Martinez, 44 years old. According to the Junta, the human and technical resources used in the Sierra Bermeja fire far exceed those deployed in the great fires of Andalusia, such as the one in Riotinto Mines from the year 2004 in which 35,000 hectares burned; the one of Doñana of 2017, in which there was more than 8,000 hectares burned; and that of Almonaster la Real last year, which affected 16,700 hectares. In addition, in Sierra Bermeja, they are still working 36 forest firefighters to terminate the claim. In the provisional balance of the damages caused by this fire there are 54 farms seriously affected, according to the data offered this Tuesday by the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development, Carmen Crespo placeholder image, after the Governing Council. In addition, flames up to 30 meters high They burned 150 hectares of chestnut trees and affected 110 kilometers of river beds and streams, according to the data provided by the counselor, who contrasted the days it took to control this fire compared to the “months” that these incidents last in the United States. United. The 9,640 hectares affected by the fire are in the municipalities of Genalguacil, Jubrique, Estepona, Benahavís, Pujerra, Júzcar, Casares and Faraján. The Sierra Bermeja fire started last night on September 8 with two simultaneous outbreaks in the Jubrique and Genalguacil terms. Total, 2,670 people they had to abandon their homes due to the risk of the flames. To try to alleviate the damage caused by the fire, the Board plans to promote a sustainable development program in Sierra Bermeja aimed at promoting environmental recovery and socioeconomic development in the area, “promoting the joint participation of administrations, professionals, economic agents and political parties,” said Crespo.

Catastrophic zone

Another way to send extra resources to Sierra Bermeja is the declaration as an area seriously affected by emergencies civil protection (Zaepc) – what was previously called a declaration of a catastrophic zone. The Junta had asked the central government and the Council of Ministers approved the declaration on Tuesday. In addition, the Board will allocate 4.5 million euros to build a Forest Defense Center (Cedefo) in the Istán-Marbella area, on Malaga’s Costa del Sol. Meanwhile, the counselor announced that the Board will appear as private prosecution in the judicial case that is opened to investigate the Sierra Bermeja fire, which could have been intentional, although, for the moment, no person has been arrested. Crespo highlighted the collaboration between administrations, security forces and emergency bodies, which was “key” to combat this forest fire. To alleviate the negative effects of the fire, the Board also announced the start of emergency work to prevent the rains from worsening the soil erosion, and branches that may cause dangers will also be removed, roads will be cleaned up and work will be done to prevent pests as well as to reforest the mountains with native species. In them, he included silvicultural, cork, livestock treatments and the use of chestnut and carob and extensive livestock, and announced that they are working on renewing the forest plan of Andalusia, expired in 2015 and in which 77% of the affected area is private, in which the Board cannot act, he said. After ensuring that the Board spent 1.6 million in Sierra Bermeja on fire prevention, he emphasized that in this legislature the Government has offered 437 spaces to rejuvenate the Infoca, a figure that he has compared with the 50 of the previous Executive.

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