the last curve Election campaign to repair MPs, District 9, Bangkok, Laksi-Chatuchak

the last curve Election campaign to repair MPs in District 9, Bangkok, Laksi-Chatuchak

On January 29, the atmosphere of the election campaign to repair MPs, District 9, Bangkok (Laksi-Chatuchak) entered the last curve. Prior to the voting on January 30 this year.

On January 28, various party leaders with the leaders visiting the area and giving a big speech to help the party’s election candidates

At Vibhavadi Palace, Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister as the leader of the Pracharath Party (PPC), went to meet the elderly. Helping Mrs. Saranrat Jenjaka, a candidate for the election of MPs for Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, District 9 (Laksi-Chatuchak) campaigns for the final vote, with leaders such as Mr. Paiboon Nititawan, the party-list MPs. As the deputy party leader, Mr. Wirat Rattanaset, a member of the list of MPs As deputy party leader, Mr. Chakphan Phonnimit, head of the Bangkok Region Mr. Sira Jenjaka and Members of the Bangkok People’s Democratic Republic Party

General Prawit gave a speech at one point that It’s very nice to meet an elderly person who is close to them. The elderly are very important to the country. Please tell your children and relatives to choose number 7. The CCP will do everything for the people to achieve their well-being and well-being.

at the park Kheha Thung Song Hong, Pheu Thai Party (PAD) held a big speech to help Mr. Surachat Thianthong, a candidate for the election of MPs, District 9, Bangkok, Laksi-Chatuchak, number 3, with the party leaders. Joining the stage, such as Dr. Cholanan Srikaew, party leader, Mr. Sutin Klangsaeng, deputy party leader, Mr. Prasert Chantarawongthong, party secretary MP Mr. Chaturon Chaisang, a member of the PA Party. and members from all sectors came to support

Dr. Cholanan spoke that we had to help each other choose Mr. Surachat to win. because if we don’t choose to win We will lack the opportunity to make amends. To restore our dignity from the last election Ask your brothers and sisters to help you be the eyes and ears. and told each other that the money received, but the CAPT. We have to take revenge on Surachat.

At JJ Green Market 2, Mr. Khunphol Thiansuwan, a candidate for the election of the Bangkok MPs, District 9, Lak Si-Chatuchak, Kaw Klai Party (Kor Kor) No. 6, the last major speech with the leaders and members of the KK Party, such as Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat List of MPs, party leader Chaithawat Tulathon, deputy secretary-general of the party, Picharn Chaophatanawong, party-list MPs Deputy Party Leader, Mr. Natcha Boonchai Insawat, Bangkok’s MPs, Rangsiman Rome, MPs on the list join the keynote stage

Mr. Pitha gave a speech at one point that This re-election is not an ordinary election. It is an election of people who do not tolerate the government of Heng Suay. For the democratic brothers who haven’t decided yet He asked everyone to choose with hope, not fear. have to choose that tomorrow must be better than today

At Tha Sai Housing Football Stadium, Laksi Youth Center, Mr. Korn Chatikavanij, leader of the Kla Party Speech campaign to help Mr. Atthawit Suwanphakdi, a candidate for the election of MPs in District 9 Laksi-Chatuchak No. 2

Mr. Korn said at one point that The Dao Party will never support the use of institutions as a political issue. If the people’s brothers and sisters want MPs to be the opposition to elect the Progress Party, Pheu Thai Party, while the Kla Party has no intention of electing and will become the opposition. But the party is ready to support everything that the Prime Minister has proposed by the government at the National Assembly that will benefit the people’s brothers and sisters. Just ask for one thing. Please don’t cheat. Don’t have any corruption, whether by anyone or any party, we won’t accept it.

At Sena Nikhom 2 Community Sports Ground, Sena Nikhom Subdistrict, Chatuchak District, Bangkok, the Thai Phakdi Party opened a big speech. led by Dr. Worong Dechkitvikrom, leader of the Thai Phakdi Party along with Mr. Phanthep Chatnarat, a candidate for the election of the Bangkok House of Representatives District 9. Laksi-Chatuchak District, with Mr. Thavorn Senniam, a former MP for Songkhla. Democratic Party who resigned from the Democratic Party also joined

Dr. Warong gave a speech in one episode that He wanted to tell the people of Chatuchak and Lak Si districts that they would choose MPs to be the opposition. Or will choose MPs to support Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. I would like to reiterate that the Thai Phakdi Party, one vote, will be one high quality vote and an ally back to the prime minister. I would like to tell the people who have already received the money. The information that we have checked are 500 baht, 1,000 baht and 1,500 baht. These money have already been received. don’t have to choose To choose number 1 is considered to make merit for the country.

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