The Last of Us 2 creative director would like to make a half-life game

The game The Last of Us 2 and the name Neil Druckmann are inevitably to be separated. The game has received countless awards and is rightly at Metacritic das „Game of the Year 2020“ geworden, Despite the Review-Bombing for the release of the game. Now he was asked which games he would like to play outside of Naughty Dog: Among them Punisher and Half-Life.

Chose from all available (video game) brands Druckmann five different ones ranging from other game franchises to comics to anime including: Punisher, Half-Life, Ghost Rider, Hotline Miami and Cowboy Bebop.

With the eternal cliffhanger from Half-Life 2: Episode 2 could with Neil Druckmann be found a game director who can do this mammoth task Half-Life 3 could solve. But this one is (unfortunately) with one another project at Naughty Dog busy or with the TV series for The Last of Us.

Of course, these are all wishes. Naughty Dog and Sony (unfortunately) have no rights to the development of any of these titles. Maybe someone should read along at Valve.

Still, it would be an interesting idea to like an author Neil Druckmann on one Half-Life 3 to let work. We might get a dark shooter with a lot of emotion, far too little ammunition and an ending that would give the game series a worthy end. On the other hand, you could also bring more story-heavy games like HL: Alyx, the am best rated pc game in 2020.

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