The Last Of Us HBO Calls Jakarta and Indonesia, Netizens Are Shocked and Excited


The Last of US HBO immediately surprised and delighted netizens in the country in its first episode. Because Jakarta and Indonesia are mentioned in the series based on the popular game.

So on the first episode The Last of Us HBO which aired on January 16, 2023, contains a scene where Joel (Pedro Pascal) and his son Sarah (Nico Parker) and Tommy (Gabriel Luna) are having breakfast while listening to the radio. In the news delivered by the radio announcer, it was stated that there was still chaos in Jakarta.

Joel suddenly asked where Jakarta was. He once mistook Jakarta for being in the Middle East.

Tommy then replied that Jakarta is in Asia. Sarah then corrected him.

“Jakarta is not a country. Being part of Asia is not as exclusive as being a country. In fact, Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia,” explained Sarah.

Inevitably the mention of Jakarta and Indonesia in HBO’s Last of Us immediately became a hot topic of conversation and went viral on social media. Here are a number of waarganet reactions.

I’ve watched the last episode of us 1 and it was great… not bad at all 8/10… you know I almost laughed out loud because “Jakarta Indonesia” became a viral topic… and my mind said “there’s Indonesia coy” lol,” said @jasper_xandros.

Jakarta is mentioned in the series The Last of Us, it just makes me happy,” said the account @OpiniTengahMlm.

Solid start. Really doesn’t kill the feel of the game. Jakarta is mentioned, but it is the place of the first outbreak,” said the account @Revueltoz while giving a laughing emoji.

Gillss the last of us tv series has come out, btw why did the virus originate from Jakarta, Anjay, even though the game doesn’t explain it yet,” said @hnfkirana.


Netizens’ excitement about HBO’s The Last of Us previously occurred in December 2022. At that time, a short trailer showed Christine Hakim who became a scientist looking at the cordyceps mushroom.

Netizens also suspect that the cordyceps infection started in Indonesia, is that true? Maybe the answer will come in a later episode of HBO Go.

The Last of Us takes place twenty years after the collapse of modern civilization. Joel, a formidable fighter, is hired to smuggle 14-year-old girl Ellie out of a stressful quarantine zone. What started out as a simple job turns into a brutal and heartwarming journey, as the two of them must traverse the US and depend on each other for survival.

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