‘The Last Temptation’: Lucia acknowledges her betrayal of her friend: “I fooled around with Isaac while I was with Marina”

The participants of the reality show fired Christofer and Gonzalo, victims of the ‘circle of fire’


Last night in ‘The Last Temptation’ was one of the most intense of the edition. Not because of the games under the covers but because of the tension that was experienced in the villas. The atmosphere had been heated since Lucia saw the images of her boyfriend making out with another girl. At first she naturally assumed this slip, but yesterday she fell apart, and ended up admitting what she and Isaac hid for months, the betrayal of her friend Marina: “I fooled around with Isaac while I was with her.” What starts badly ends badly, Lucia who believes in destiny must have thought: “It’s karma.”

Her still partner requested a meeting to explain the infidelity to Lucia. Isaac assumed the bonfire of calm confrontation although the tension shot up as soon as his girl arrived at the meeting. He didn’t even allow her a greeting. He simply went on to insult: “You are a pig.” The program did not show more.

It was the star moment of the night although before there had already been two tense encounters in the ‘circle of fire’. Christian and Lester had to solve their problems. Before friends, and from today enemies. Lester accused Christian of having lied about the alleged picaresque content of some messages he would have exchanged with his girlfriend. Between squabbles, Lester finally decided that his former ex-boyfriend would leave the program.

The same happened in the duel between Gonzalo and Christofer. The first of them came wanting to mess it up. As soon as he saw Christofer, he reminded him of his girlfriend Fani’s infidelity: “Good haircut, they cover your horns.” This time it was Sandra Barneda who intervened and mercilessly attacked Gonzalo: “Why don’t you respect the decisions of your friends?”; “You also tried to get back with Susana out of the program …” The outcome was evident and Gonzalo went home. Before leaving the island, he said goodbye to his companions with a special dedication from Fani: “If my boyfriend had the balls to kick you out for being a sucker, you deserve it.”

‘The last temptation’ ended with more tension than ever between the contestants, two expulsions and a self-criticism for betraying a friend in the past.


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