The last years of Rodolfo Bebán: from glory as an actor to oblivion in a nursing home

Rodolfo Bebán, in one of his last theatrical roles

“He no longer wants to go out, or eat, or anything. I call him and sometimes he answers me, sometimes he doesn’t, “he alarmed. Jorge Martinez months ago on a visit to intrudersregarding the present Rudolph Beban. “Are you depressed or are you sick?”the journalist asked Marcela Taurus. Then the actor, who had defined himself as a “friend” of his, paused, perhaps seeking for a moment to assume once and for all that reality that crosses us so much. “Both…”he explained. And nothing more was known about who was one of the great artists of the national scene.

This Sunday, August 14, the sad confirmation of the Argentine Association of Actors after the strongly circulated version in newsrooms: on Saturday night the heart of Rodolfo Tilli -the man who, like Bebán, knew how to leave the hearts of so many others in suspense with his performances- stopped beating. he was 84 years old. And for some time he had been housed in a nursing home.

Rudolph Beban
Rudolph Beban

His family – he was the father of six children, although he always recognized that he was not present for them – sought to preserve privacy, and for that reason little was known about him since he said goodbye to television in 2014. Just those words of Martínez and all the pain of him. And this devastating outcome after the soap opera heartthrob who in the 60s had achieved enormous popularity with love has a woman’s facein Canal 13.

Initially, he had been called to do only three chapters, and he stayed. Or rather, they forced him to stay: that look -unrepeatable, only his- and his talent -which he would also take to the cinema, recreating historical personalities such as Juan Manuel de Rosas o John Moreira, and the theater, where he took his first steps, in the Morón that saw him grow up- led the producers to extend their participation. “I started living on the canal”, he would later remember, reviewing that event that he starred in with Barbara Mujica y Thelma Biral. Although strictly speaking, it would shine on almost all stations, as with high comedy in the 9 y Four men for Eve on the old channel 11, among many other cycles. He was even hired by the Mexican chain Televisa to be in the soap opera Wrist.

road to lovea fiction that the producer and director Quique Estevanez aired in 2014, it would mark the goodbye of that small screen that had seen him shine so much. There Bebán, after sharing a cast with Sebastian Stephens, Mariano Martinez y Carina Zampini, acknowledged being at peace because, professionally, he had been able to develop in “the profession that I love”, and personally, he had had “the children I would have liked to have”. However, he warned: “One can never feel totally happy for what he has done”.

Talent summit: Rodolfo Bebán with Claudia Lapacó and Alfredo Alcón (Photo: Verónica Guerman / Teleshow)
Talent summit: Rodolfo Bebán with Claudia Lapacó and Alfredo Alcón (Photo: Verónica Guerman / Teleshow)

Perhaps he was referring to past decisions. Like your relationship with Claudia Lapaco -mother of his eldest children, Rodrigo y Diego-, which ended abruptly due to a betrayal. It would take the actress four decades to forgive the man with whom she had fallen madly in love in 1961 when she had not yet achieved fame, and whom she had married five years later. They barely exchanged a word in all those years after the breakup. Only in 2011 would they share a stage again in the comedy Life philosophy; They were accompanied by another legend: Alfredo Alcon. That would be, finally, the last time that Bebán would step on the boards.

“You always have to look for a projection towards something else. And possibly this is the best example that one can leave. Always go for more”, said Rodolfo Bebán, the actor who went on to immortality. But that on this plane, as a man on foot, he would depart almost in indifference. As happens to so many others, even those who have not tasted the joys of success and popularity.


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