the late marabout would have been killed by his son

Serigne Abdou Aziz Sy died last Monday. But according to our colleagues from L’Observateur, the son of Serigne Moustapha Sy Djamil did not start from a natural death. The late marabout was reportedly killed by his own son, Mr. Sy, 28, with a stabbing weapon. Which, according to the same source, caused him several injuries, suffering that drained his blood. And he would have died at home.

Mr. Sy evokes anger and says he is marginalized
Conscious or not of his act, the young man presumed murderer subsequently fled. The elements of the Dakar central police station, informed of the facts, went to the scene of the crime and ended up finding him at his home, in the Baobab district. Arrested before yesterday-Tuesday, the respondent would not have denied the facts, reports the newspaper. And reportedly told investigators he did so because he was angry and felt marginalized. Seeking to understand his act, investigators interviewed his mother. Who, according to her, her child has been suffering from mental disorders for 5 years.

The death certificate, not yet issued by the medical examiner, will give more details on the nature of the injury.


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