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Christian Campigli

An emergency that knows no end. Despite the numbers, compared to last year, they have definitely improved thanks to the agreements that our country has managed to reach with Tunisia and Libya. New night of landings on the island of Lampedusa where 333 migrants arrived on six different boats that were rescued off the coast of the island. Another small boat arrived independently. There are over 1,200 people staying at the Lampedusa hotspot. According to the AdnKronos news agency, the Mare Jonio is expected to arrive in Pozzallo (a port in the province of Ragusa) around 1.30pm. The ship of the NGO Mediterranea rescued fifty-eight shipwrecked people in international waters, about one hundred miles from the Libyan coast.

Smugglers due to necessity, the sensational sentence: all acquitted

A complex rescue operation during which, as reported by the same NGO, a Libyan Coast Guard patrol boat fired shots, creating panic among the migrants, some of whom threw themselves into the sea. “Some sources report that there were more than one boats, and many migrants were loaded onto the patrol boat and taken back to Libya, while others still managed to jump into the water”, underlined the mayor of Pozzallo, Roberto Ammatuna. For the mayor it was “a real guerrilla operation against defenseless people, as well as against an Italian vessel. The Italian government needs to intervene urgently to safeguard our compatriots engaged in humanitarian operations and also protect human beings defenseless.” The health authorities have already been alerted to strengthen assistance on the dock with the help of a team of psychologists.

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2024-04-07 13:08:34

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