The latest offers to install Toyota Land Cruiser from Al Rajhi at 1,000 riyals per month for 60 months

The latest offers on installments for Toyota Land Cruiser from Al-Rajhi with 1000 riyals The Land Cruiser is one of the different cars and very distinctive cars that were present through Toyota, as it was also designed at the beginning of 1951, and at this time it was very similar to a Jeep, But its production has been increasing continuously since the beginning of 1954. This car has been converted in several forms, such as a hard roof, an equipment truck, Toyota Land Cruiser from new and modern cars, in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. In the front or the back, the clarity on which the lighting is formed may resemble LED, follow with us the specifications of the car and the installment offers from Al-Rajhi.

Toyota Land Cruiser installment offers from Al Rajhi with 1000 riyals

Land Cruiser car specifications It has some equipment that is modern, and very elegant if it is through the handle on which it is or the distinctive doors and very imminent, represented in the distinctive shape of the wheel, because it has a special character that is completely different from the rest of the other cars in addition to the wooden driving on which it is and the leather that is present in it. The car, from the inside, in addition to this, this car has a distinctive air conditioning for all seats. Inside this car, a luxurious screen is displayed among the equipment. In addition, it has the following:-

  • The factory that established this car is Toyota Motor Corporation
  • This company produced a first-class car in 1954
  • The design of this car is a station wagon
  • The capacity that works in this car and may reach 6 cylinders and 8 in some cases.
  • The weight of this car may reach 2800 kg.
  • It is a comfortable and easy-to-drive car with a great interior design.

Toyota Land Cruiser installment offers from Al Rajhi

If you want to buy a luxury, high-quality car and you do not have the value of the amount, you can install the car with several special offers from Al-Rajhi Bank, which you can buy the car by paying only 1,000 Saudi riyals every month. All individuals in Saudi Arabia can apply for the car with the longest payment period and an easy installment system. For everyone.

you may Toyota Land Cruiser car loan offers From Al Rajhi, with several simple conditions, the installment offers reach 1,000 thousand Saudi riyals or more, according to the down payment at the beginning of the installment. You can install a Toyota Land Cruiser first category over 60 months and pay a thousand riyals every month for five years, and you can pay the rest in advance or the last payment. And the price of the car may reach about 230 thousand Saudi riyals. You can enter the Al-Rajhi Bank electronically for the offers submitted for car installments and apply electronically.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 price in Saudi Arabia

  • First Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 4.0L GXR 1 SAR 205,272
  • Secondly Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 4.0L GXR2 SAR 230,805
  • III Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 4.5L GXR1 Diesel SAR 229,294
  • Fourth Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 4.5L GXR2 Diesel SAR 247,397
  • V. Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 4.0L GXR3 SAR 257,984
  • VI Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 4.5L GXR3 Diesel SAR 277,566
  • Seventh: Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 4.6L GXR3 SAR 281,437
  • VIII Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 4.6L GXR3 LS SAR 287,357
  • Ninth Toyota Land Cruiser 2021 5.7L VXR 1 SAR 310,811

At the end of our article, we have provided you with everything related to it Loan for Toyota Land Cruiser from Al Rajhi، There is also a car installment from Al-Ahly Bank, Abdul Latif and Almajdouie with several terms and simple steps and the longest payment period. You can easily install the car. Wait for us for new offers and cars on our website.

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