The latest Samsung DeX is present on the Galaxy Note 20 Series for multitasking

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Samsung presents the latest Samsung DeX to complement the features of the Galaxy Note 20 Series, especially in multitasking activities.

For the first time, through the Galaxy Note20 Series, Samsung DeX is able to integrate smartphone Samsung to a bigger screen wirelessly.

“The Galaxy Note20 Series is specially designed to provide Power To Work and Power To Play in support of various user productivity and their needs to enjoy cutting edge entertainment from a smartphone, “said the Head of Product, IT, & Mobile Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Denny Galant, in a written statement on Sunday.

Samsung DeX makes it easier for users to connect their device to a larger screen.

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Users can connect the Galaxy Note20 Series to Samsung Smart TVs or other Smart TV brands that support Miracast technology.

“The variety of possibilities presented by the Galaxy Note20 Series can give users a special pleasure because it is a unique experience in maximizing productivity through such integration between devices. seamless, “Added Denny.

The user is given the ability to enjoy two options. First, the user can continue the display on the Galaxy Note20 Series to the connected Smart TV.

Users can run multitasking by watching movies or displaying photos on Smart TV while texting or surfing using the Galaxy Note20 Series simultaneously without disturbing the display on each device.

The second option, users can use the Galaxy Note20 Series as touchpad nor keyboard.

Users can enjoy more convenience in navigating the display on the Smart TV by using the Galaxy Note20 Series as touchpad, either operating with your finger or the S Pen, as well as typing which will appear on the connected Smart TV screen.

The functions carried look the same as screen mirroringHowever, Samsung said that the Smart View feature on the Samsung DeX brings more capabilities.

Samsung DeX brings a user experience desktop, meanwhile screen mirroring just a duplicate view smartphone to a larger screen without any additional functions.

With Samsung DeX, users can open various applications to adjust the display size of the opened application. It also allows users to make presentations.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series has officially arrived in Indonesia on August 21. The Galaxy Note 20 is priced at IDR 14,499 million, while the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is priced starting at IDR 17,999 million.

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Reporter: Arindra Meodia
Editor: Maria Rosari Dwi Putri

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