The law prohibits the participation of respondents in more than one medical research at the same time.. Read the details

Law No. 214 of 2020 issuing a law regulating clinical medical research aims to establish the foundations, standards and controls necessary for conducting clinical medical research, and to protect respondents, whether this research is preventive or diagnostic, curative or non-curative, invasive or non-intrusive, to establish a higher council to review Clinical medical research ethics, has a legal personality, follows the Prime Minister and is formed by a decision issued by him.

Article 13 of the law prohibited the participation of the respondent in any other medical research before the end of the period specified in the protocol of the research scheme prior to his participation in it, and also prohibited in Article 14 motivating the respondent to participate in any medical research by giving him rewards or cash or in-kind benefits, but he excluded What is granted to the respondent in return for the consequences of participating in medical research, such as transportation expenses to and from the research authority, or absence from working hours required by medical research, provided that this is determined in advance and with complete transparency in the informed consent form submitted to and approval by the competent institutional committee..

The law was keen to guarantee the respondent his rights, including what was stated in Article 12, including his right to withdraw from medical research whenever he wanted and without obligating him to give any reasons for that, provided that the principal investigator informs him of the medical damages resulting from his withdrawal, and he also has the right not to disclose His identity or any of his data except after fulfilling the conditions of the scientific justification approved by the competent institutional committee and approved by the Supreme Council and with the written consent of the respondent or his legal representative.


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