The law test opens successfully, the largest candidate is 60 years old

Original title: The law test opened smoothly, the largest examinee was 60 years old

Guangzhou Daily (all-media reporter Liu Yiming) Yesterday two days ago, the 2021 National Unified Legal Profession Qualification Examination in Foshan’s examination area successfully opened for the objective test. This year, the number of applicants in Foshan’s examination area was 3,801, an increase of 766 over the number of applicants in 2020. 3651 people with bachelor degree or above accounted for 96.1%. The maximum age of candidates is 60 years old and the minimum age is 20 years old.

According to reports, this year, Foshan’s examination area has set up two examination centers, Shunde Vocational and Technical College and Shunde District Secondary Professional School, with a total of 34 formal examination rooms, 2 spare examination rooms, and 4 isolated examination rooms. The inspection supervision team of the Provincial Department of Justice went to the site to inspect and guide the organization and implementation of the examination, check the safety inspection temperature channel and the examination room, understand the situation of inquiring candidates for the examination, and require all examination personnel to perform their duties and cooperate closely to ensure the safety of the examination.

This year’s objective test is divided into two batches on October 16th and 17th. Candidates take one of the batches. Candidates must have a negative nucleic acid test report 72 hours before the test, the “Yuekang Code” green code (updated on the same day), check their valid ID card, test admission ticket, wear a mask, and pass the on-site temperature test before they can be admitted to the school. Candidates who cannot provide a negative nucleic acid test report within 72 hours before the test on the day of the test are not allowed to take the test. Candidates who enter Guangdong directly from outside the country (border) to take the exam must enter the country 21 days in advance and complete the first isolation according to the epidemic prevention requirements.


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