the lead for the roof and the arrow is debated

DECRYPTION – The choice of an identical reconstruction implies the use of this metal for the roof and the spire of the cathedral. Its detractors point to the health risks. His supporters advance his technical qualities.

There is not a sound or a truck on the site of Notre-Dame de Paris. At the beginning of January, activity is more to be found on the office side, where we are in the process of sifting through the responses to calls for tenders for the spire. Until then, nothing but very normal, were it not for a word, that of “lead”, which invites itself into the discussions and puts the Public Establishment for the Reconstruction of the Cathedral, the Department of Cultural Affairs and the town hall of Paris, under tension. We are not talking here about the 300 tons of lead that melted the evening of the fire and contaminated the site and the forecourt. This time it is a new “delivery”, which will allow to redo 3000 m2 of cover, for the roof and the spire.

The decision to resort to this much maligned metal is, to say the least, counter-intuitive. For months, site workers have had to take up to six showers a day to decontaminate themselves. And the dusting and depollution of the interior of the…

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