The leader who pulled the design bandwagon

Updated:10/02/2021 19: 55h


Alberto brought to light a hitherto unknown profession that put us all in orbit and that today it shines for its notoriety and service to society. This phrase explains the importance that design has taken in these years since we started until now. Before it was not at all what it is today: it was neither recognized nor did it mean what we have made it mean. A job, headed by Alberto, as leader. Everyone recognizes that it is he who has pulled the bandwagon of design in this country. For me, his death has been a very hard blow. I had a lot of admiration and affection for him.

The great advance that Alberto gave to design is the social and cultural involvement to which he submitted all his activity. Previously, it was not counted on. From him and from all of us who blindly follow him, design ended up being the most important discipline that it is today. It is sufficient by itself and has sufficient entity. Design has finally taken the path I was looking for and needed. Roberto was a great creator. The work he did was great, open and with many nuances.

Roberto Turégano

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