The leaders of the French Council of Muslim worship agree on a “charter of principles” for Islam in France

Muslims pray at the Gaillac-Toulza (Haute-Garonne) mosque in January 2015.

The leaders of the French Council for Muslim Worship (CFCM) announced on Saturday January 16 that they had reached an agreement on a “Charter of principles” of the Islam of France wanted by the executive. This document notably reaffirms gender equality, “Compatibility” of the Muslim faith with the Republic, as well as ” the rejection of the instrumentalization of Islam for political ends ”, specifies the instance in a press release.

This charter was presented Saturday to the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, during a meeting with the heads of the three main currents of the organization. The Minister greeted a “Very significant advance” and a commitment against “Political Islam”.

The text must now be validated by all the federations of the CFCM before being sent to Emmanuel Macron and launching the restructuring of Islam in France, which must lead to the creation of a national council of imams (CNI) . The latter will be responsible for “Label” imams practicing in France and may withdraw their authorization, in particular in the event of a breach of the charter.

This text was requested from the leaders of the CFCM in mid-November by the President of the Republic in the wake of his offensive against the “Separatism” and radical Islam. The head of state called on Muslim representatives to put an end to certain “Ambiguities” and also intended to put an end, within four years, to the presence in France of the 300 foreign imams “Detached” by Turkey, Morocco and Algeria. The pressure on the Muslim authorities was reinforced with the attack against Samuel Paty in mid-October and in the basilica of Nice two weeks later.

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“Overcome the differences”

But this initiative had caused a serious crisis within the body. At the end of December, when finalizing this project, Chems-Eddine Hafiz, rector of the Grand Mosque of Paris and vice-president of the CFCM, had suddenly announced that he was withdrawing. “Irrevocable” discussions around the project of a ” charter of values ​​” Islam in France as well as the National Council of Imams project.

He accused the “Islamist component” within the CFCM, “In particular that linked to foreign regimes hostile to France”, having “Insidiously blocked the negotiations by almost systematically calling into question certain important passages” of this charter. The president of the French Council of Muslim Worship, Mohammed Moussaoui, for his part judged this decision “Unilateral and unexplained”.

The CFCM, which is made up of a set of nine federations representing different sensitivities or countries of origin, is the main interlocutor of the public authorities on the question of the organization of the Muslim religion in France. Emmanuel Macron asked representatives of the Muslim faith on Thursday to “To overcome the differences” in this folder for “To find oneself and to come out on top”.

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“There is a realization that this situation of division would not allow the Muslim cult to assert itself. This image of a divided institution was detrimental to the Muslim cult and to all Muslims ”Mohammed Moussaoui said on Saturday. “This awareness has made it possible to overcome these differences that may have existed”, he added.

According to Ibrahim Alci, another CFCM vice-president, interviewed by Agence France-Presse, the adoption of the charter by all CFCM federations should not pose any problems. “We must include everyone and make it clear that Islam is not incompatible with the Republic, far from it”, did he declare.

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