The League of Human rights filed a complaint against Uber in front of the Cnil

The League of Human rights (LDH) filed on Friday a complaint before the national Commission on informatics and liberties (Cnil) against Uber for violation of general Regulation on data protection (RGPD), told AFP, confirming information of Release.

In this “collective complaint by an association“, seen by AFP, LDH “considers that the companies Uber B. V. and Uber Technologies Inc. (…) contrary to multiple opportunities, on a voluntary basis and this, to a public very many drivers (…) the provisions of the RGPD and the data-processing Law and Freedoms on the territory of the French“. It “is impossible for the drivers for Uber to access their personal data, but it is their right“and “when they arrive, they are unusable and unintelligible, because these are files in English“said to the AFP Maryse Artiguelong, one of the vice-presidents of the LDH.

The “the question of access to these data is important because they can protect their private lives but also serve to meet their economic and social rights, which are violated by Uber“, she estimated. These data are “important to prove the link of subordination“between the platform and its drivers, as independent, and to recharacterize their contract in the contract of employment, is Brahim Ben Ali, general secretary of the union INV and himself engaged in an action against Uber to the prud’hommes.

A fine imposed in 2018

The complaint to the Cnil is based on a score of drivers, but others will be added, said to AFP, Jérôme Giusti, lawyer of the human rights league, which intends to engage in the coming months a group action before the court of Paris “ask for individual compensation“. “Drivers for Uber are already exploited as drivers, but they are also as workers of the click because they are producers of data for which they are not paid“said I Giusti.

Uber France is said to have responded to the requests of 500 drivers. “Our team is responsible for the protection of the private life works to provide as much information as possible, including explanations when we can’t provide certain data, for example when the data do not exist or that their disclosure would infringe the rights of any other person in relation to the RGPD“said a spokesman for Uber.

In December 2018, the Cnil imposed a fine -then record – 400,000 euros to Uber for “insufficiently secure user data“of his service.


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