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The League will propose to train three by three to avoid the Covid-19


An elite athlete cannot stay two months without training normally in his natural habitat, be it a soccer field, a running track, cross country, in a swimming pool or on a hockey or handball court. This important deficiency, due to the confinement caused by the coronavirus, raised the complaint of many athletes who could not compete on equal terms at the Olympic Games. Like a roll of dominoes, the pandemic swept through the entire competition schedule. But athletes cannot continue in these conditions much longer. The loss of shape is “worrying.” At the expense of future government decisions on health, which will be strictly adhered to, the First and Second Division clubs have held telematic conversations between their technical bodies and will propose to the authorities to be able to train individually on the soccer field within a month, in the week that runs from Monday, April 27 to Friday, May 1. The teams have planned ways of working in groups of a maximum of three players, both in the locker room, on the fields, and in different training areas. They even propose different schedules. All this would avoid the red areas of the Covid-19.

On the grass a group of three, in one area another group, in the other goal another trio, in the gym another, in different changing rooms and at different times; the options to work in the field are endless, complying with current health regulations

This plan can be carried out in several fields at the same time. There are clubs that have sports cities to distribute to their 25 players. And at different times, because they can also train in groups throughout the day.

Everything is disinfected in the 42 clubs, both fields and locker rooms

The proposal for a special permit for individual and controlled training will be extensive for all high-performance athletes in all disciplines, as they all suffer from the same problem that is very serious. “It is our job and it can be done individually,” says a First Class president. Soccer, the king of sports, must take the lead in this need. “As much as they train at home with our plans, they do not do it on the field and a player can lose two percent of his form every week, keep score,” a physical trainer from a Madrid club points out to ABC. First. “We will not be able to continue like this for a long time, you can train individually in the field, complying with the highest health standards dictated by the government,” a Second-rate technician tells this newspaper.

It is a valid request for all high-level sports, the athlete cannot remain locked up

League teams have a well-defined program. The project has already started with the disinfection of the facilities, from the fields to the changing rooms, of the 42 clubs.

The plan is for players to train “in the green” in groups of three. Some can exercise physically alone while others focus on goal and others shoot in the other goal. All of them can maintain minimum distances of two meters of safety. Those groups of three footballers, like other athletes, will be the only occupants of the locker room. Other changing rooms may be used for other groups of three. And they will even be able to work at different times so that the twenty-five professionals of a staff are trained every day in their traditional habitat, the field. In the case of teams with sports cities, the distribution of footballers by fields and changing rooms facilitates the objective.

«And complying with sanitary regulations»
Players will also be able to distribute their training, three by three, some with physical work on the grass, others with ball training, others in the gym and others in pool work. The possibilities are limitless in space and in hourly times, throughout an entire day, in gradual and almost individual planning.

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One group works with the ball and a third group goes to the gym. In separate areas. A group of three can be on one side of the field and other groups in each area shooting or centering. There are clubs that have sports cities to distribute to their 25 players.

“Goalkeepers cannot continue like this, without being able to train with the ball, which is the key for them,” says César Quesada, a doctor and former keeper of Elche.

“The goalkeepers cannot continue like this, without anyone shooting at them on goal”, a Real Madrid professional points out to this newspaper, who adds: “Asensio has made nine magnificent months of evolution and now he is harmed because what his body ask now is field training ».

Squads will need two weeks of field work before competing again

The physical trainers emphasize that the templates will need two weeks of work on the lawn before resuming the competition. With this work “in the green”, in small and separate groups, the professionals will recover their physical form before any return to the matches.

“Asensio, for example, already needs field work and this situation hurts him”

“We have bought a lot of gym equipment for our players to train at home, but it is a provisional solution, it is not enough after three weeks,” warns a coach from Segunda.

Barcelona had an internal evaluation planned to return to the pitch on April 27. The teams think that “high-level athletes should have permission to do it individually, as it is their job and health standards will be followed.” The clubs will propose to the Government that the athlete work in the field when the state of alarm ends. .


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