The “Lebanese contractors” brandish a return to the strike: History will not show mercy to anyone

Hourly contract professors at the Lebanese University issued a statement waving to “return to the strike until full-time is achieved.”

The statement read: After years of waiting, sacrifices, and serving the university without a fair and just return, we were surprised by a proposal that aims to perpetuate our reality as contracting workers with forced labor. And a transportation allowance, and health insurance, but in fact it is a right that is intended to be void, and it constitutes an explicit violation of the university’s laws, and consecration of the reality of inequality among the members of its educational body. By the hour, it will inevitably result in more elite emigration, and the university’s impact will be exposed to the horror of its retreat and its weakening, leading to its termination in the interest of the private university sector.

The statement added:This ruling class must understand that the contracting parties entered the university in the hope of being devoted within two years according to its laws, and it is absolutely unacceptable that they find themselves, after years of waiting filled with oppression, oppression and disappointed hopes, contracting to no end. Based on the foregoing, we declare our strong rejection of any formula that undermines a project that has devoted us to its foundation, and we also call upon the nation’s representatives to work on proposing all solutions in order to preserve our national university.

He concluded: “The professors affirm that any group that contributes to support or endorsement of this proposition is hostile to university contractors, and prevents their right to full-time and stability, and the right of their families to have a decent life that they are still waiting for. Devotion. History will not show mercy to anyone.


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