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Recently, a video circulated on the land network showed that a male student of Shaodong City No. 2 Middle School in Hunan suddenly rushed to the podium during the lunch break and directly beat the female teacher on the podium. Many students rushed forward to stop, and the male student beat the teacher. The reason, suspected to be because the female teacher often delayed her lectures until lunch time, making him hungry so much that she lost control of her actions.

According to Lu Media reports, a male student in the No. 2 Middle School of Shaodong City suddenly rushed to the podium and beat the female teacher during the lunch break. He first smashed the table with his hand, and then rushed to the podium and punched the female teacher. Several classmates immediately rushed. He stepped forward to hold the student under control. The teacher was injured and there were blood stains near the eyes and cheeks.

It is reported that afterwards, the classmates complained privately that the male student would run out of control and rush to the podium and beat the female teacher because the female teacher often delayed lectures until lunch time, making him hungry too much, so he lost control and shot.

In response, the staff of the Cyberspace Affairs Office of the Shaodong Municipal Party Committee stated that the cause of the student beating the teacher is still under investigation. The Education Bureau and the school have educate the students and appease the teacher, and have properly handled the matter.

After the video was exposed, many netizens left comments: “The teacher guessed that they were all blinded, and it’s not a good thing to fight back. Fortunately, a few students were shot down” and “Can’t control their emotions and tend to be violent. This must be forced to be treated, like in schools. Many teachers and students, can’t let such a bomb be put in the crowd, in case he brings a knife next time”, “Now the teacher is very weak, and there is no way for the students to say that they cannot be beaten”, “12:52, generally Middle school ends at 11:30, and it has been delayed for more than an hour.” “It’s very dangerous. He obviously can’t control himself. This time he was held back. What about the next time?”


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