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The left awaits Taubira, Estrosi rallies Philippe, The Mayor will face Zemmour

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142 days before the second round of the presidential election, on the right, the beam is still working, and on the left, we are still waiting for Christiane Taubira.

What is Macron playing on abortion?

Recall of facts. This text, aimed at increasing the time limit for performing a voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) from a legal period of twelve to fourteen weeks, in order to align with the law in force in some of our European neighbors such as Spain , had already been examined at first reading in Parliament in October 2020, following the law proposal of the former deputy La République en Marche Albane Gaillot.

But the measure had been blocked by the right, the majority in the Senate. A failure for macronie? Not really, since in reality the Elysee is opposed to it. Emmanuel Macron had made it known in an interview with the magazine ” She »In June, on the grounds that abortion remains according to him “Trauma” for women. Except that strangely, women, in any case those who make up almost half of its majority in the National Assembly, do not agree.

Coincidence or coincidence, their group leader Christophe Castaner therefore decided to put the text back on the agenda, for a second reading started on Monday, November 29. Proof that the presidential troops are in favor: the bill was adopted in the Hemicycle overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday. Once again, however, there is little chance that the text will succeed, because it would seem very unlikely that the senatorial right has suddenly become more progressive over the past year. Especially in view of the tone of the debates of the Republicans primary.

“Scolded like a 10-year-old girl”: abortion is still not a treatment like any other

Why this waste of energy in replaying the match to end with the same result? This is the question we are asking ourselves. For the text to be voted on following a joint committee, there is only one solution: that the government decides to launch an accelerated procedure. However, last week in a plane to the Vatican, the Head of State reiterated his opposition to extending the legal deadline for abortion. ” I did not change. Additional delays are not neutral on a woman’s trauma ”, Emmanuel Macron would have said to the ” Figaro ».

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, said to himself ” personally “, favorable. Christophe Castaner insists that he has the support of the president to put the subject back on the table in the Assembly. Okay, but what for? If it is to point out the conservatism of the right-wing majority in the Senate, led by the Vendée Bruno Retailleau, it more or less amounts to letting us know that the Earth is round. Obviously, our perplexity is a little shared, since even the leader of the Macronist senators François Patriat was a little exasperated on Public Senate on Wednesday. The text could pass “If the government decides to put it” on the agenda in the Senate, said Baron de Côte-d’Or, saying: “Personally, I want the government to do it”. A good summary of some of the dead ends of the ” and at the same time “ : on abortion, it’s neither yes nor no.

The union of the left awaits Taubira

The Popular Primary is a collective of relentless people who do not want to resolve the scattering of left-wing candidacies for the presidential election of 2022. So certainly, the case is badly handled, as they say, since the three main candidates on the left, the “rebellious” Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the ecologist Yannick Jadot, and the socialist Anne Hidalgo, opposed them an end of inadmissibility.

Official version: the left cannot agree on certain subjects such as nuclear power, secularism, the values ​​of the Republic, the relationship to economic capitalism, etc. Behind the scenes version: the political parties are playing for survival, especially in the perspective of the legislative elections, and do not want to do without a presidential candidate for fear of being wiped off the map of national politics.

“PS, LFI, EELV: we will not forgive you”: sit-ins to demand a joint candidacy on the left

However, Popular Primary is not giving up. The movement claims 210,000 registered voters likely to vote to nominate a leftist candidate between January 27 and 30, that is to say almost as many as the electorate of the environmentalist primary which was held at the end of September. “On January 30, there will be, whatever happens, an invested candidate, we will know the person around whom we will call to gather”, even without his agreement, Samuel Grzybowski, spokesperson for the People’s Primary, told AFP.

In fact, a personality concentrates the hopes of the organizers: Christiane Taubira. The former Minister of Justice of François Hollande would not have closed the door to accepting to present himself to the voters of the Popular Primary, and would ask for more time to think. “I advise you to closely monitor what is happening around Christiane Taubira in the coming weeks”, told us a few days ago an elected socialist supporter of the union of the left. Yet we swear it to you: we’ve been watching for months, we never saw anything coming.

Video: Eric Zemmour announces that he will be a candidate for the 2022 presidential election (Le Figaro)

Eric Zemmour announces that he will be a candidate for the 2022 presidential election



The Mayor provokes Zemmour to a televised duel

The Minister of the Economy is a man of principle. He is also a man of letters, who likes to immerse himself in the Memoirs of Saint-Simon or of Cardinal de Retz, at a time when politics was still played out during armed duels. From now on, the virile confrontations are carried out rather on television sets. As a provocation (in the past we threw a glove), Bruno Le Maire had let the “Parisian” know that he wanted to debate with Eric Zemmour, but on condition that the latter was officially a candidate.

Bruno Le Maire, delighted with macronia

The far-right polemicist having completed this formality, again in the form of live images on Tuesday, November 29, the Minister of the Economy revealed on Wednesday to ” Parisian “That the game would take place on the public service, in the program” Elysée 2022 “of December 9, devoted to Eric Zemmour.

“Not sure that it is a good idea to put a heavyweight of the government vis-a-vis Zemmour, that gives credibility to him, it was necessary to go down in range”, however regrets with the “Obs” a heavyweight of the majority. If the wrestling fights based on numbers and good words between two men of power tire you, it may still be the opportunity to better define the contours of the economic program of the new candidate.

Estrosi rallies Philippe

This is called making the beam work, in the jargon of the former prime minister. Fracture the old right, already shrunken between the presidential majority, Marine Le Pen, and Eric Zemmour, to rebuild a new one, whose banner is a promise of the future: Horizons.

Edouard Philippe already sees himself facing Laurent Wauquiez in 2027

The mayor of Nice had left Les Républicains following what is usually called “the psychodrama in Paca”, that is to say the refusal of the LR to see the president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d ‘Azur Renaud Muselier ally with La République en Marche, to prevent a victory for the National Rally during the regional meetings in June.

Wednesday 1is December Christian Estrosi completed his divorce from his former party by announcing to join the one founded by Edouard Philippe at the beginning of October. Depending on the results of the LR primary, the leak from the right to Horizons may or may not look like a hemorrhage. The continuation in the next episodes of “Psychodrama in Paca”.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon presents his recruits

This will be one of the attractions of the meeting this Sunday, December 5 at La Défense. Before climbing on stage, the “rebellious” candidate will present his “People’s Union Parliament” to the press. This high-sounding body will bring together nearly 200 activists, trade unionists and intellectuals eager to get involved in the campaign.

“We feel that he has the potato”: how the wrestler Mélenchon prepares his final fight

Among them, the labor inspector Anthony Smith, the former president of Attac Aurélie Found or even the plastic artist Sylvie Glissant, the wife of Edouard, the Martinican author who theorized “creolization” including Jean-Luc Mélenchon proclaims himself. Manuel Bompard, its campaign manager, explains the underlying idea: “Union, many talk about it, we try to make it from the base. “

The bet: a Pécresse – Ciotti final?

A macronista from the first circle risks the game of predictions: for the Republican primary, it will be a final between Eric Ciotti and Valérie Pécresse! Firstly because of a radical premium. “Those who vote in the primary are the most militant, the tough. Ciotti understood this very well ”, considers this manager. Then because “LR’s history will do everything to beat Bertrand”.

At Les Républicains, the Troyes war took place

The president of the Hauts-de-France, who slammed the party door in 2017, could therefore be eliminated in the first round… in favor of Valérie Pécresse. “She was not bad in the debates, and in addition, she has an effective campaign mechanism …”. An allusion to the role of Patrick Stefanini, campaign director of Pécresse after having been that of Fillon in 2017. And in the second round? “Pécresse will win! “, bet this macronist. If he’s got it all wrong, we’ll suggest that he change jobs.

Today’s figure: 7.2 million

This is the number of viewers who followed the interview with Eric Zemmour at 8 pm on TF1 Tuesday evening. Proof that if the presidential campaign of the recently declared far-right polemicist is slipping, as we say these days, it nevertheless continues to interest, to the point of achieving good audiences.

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