The less invasive no-scalpel vasectomy for men is growing to meet soaring demand

Saying the word “vasectomy” in front of men often results in winces and groans. Who knows if the so-called “scalpel-free” technique, practiced by Dr. Jacques Bron, would reassure them, or even make them think?

This intervention, developed in China a long time ago, is new in the Loiret. This urological surgeon from Archette, who has only been practicing it since the end of last year, sees only advantages in it.

“The catchy side of the title bothered me a little because it is still an intervention. But the technique is called like that.”

A single opening, under local anesthesia

In fact, it is necessary to open the skin well. Here it is punctured and then pulled apart with very pointed pliers, at a single point under the purses, instead of two. “The patient is conscious, under local anesthesia with intravenous sedation.” The duration of the intervention is identical: between 15 and 20 minutes.

“We don’t do stitches, we just put glue. The risk of complications, such as bruising, infections or pain, is lower.”

The patient goes back on his two legs a few hours later.

Strong increase in demand

The demand, in France and in the Loiret, is more and more important, he notes. He can have up to 5 or 6 consultations a day on this subject. Sometimes patients from Bourges, Vierzon or the Paris region. He even devoted one morning a week to it, in teleconsultation.

This method of permanent male sterilization seems to be attracting more and more people.

“Attitudes are changing and there is a real desire to take their share of the mental burden. At the same time, there is a growing disaffection among women for hormonal contraception and its effects. Nine out of ten patients are between 35 and 45 years old and already have children. The remaining 10% are men older or under 30, without children.”

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Two pliers at 350 euros

So to better respond to it and improve care, he changed his method: “I discovered this technique on the Internet and I trained on video. It’s not rocket science for someone who already practices vasectomies I have been very interested in these issues for several years because many doors were closed for men due to age, number of children… The law was not always respected and I did not find this is normal”, explains this practitioner.

He bought the equipment, which does not represent too expensive an investment: “The pair of instruments costs 350 euros”. Since December 2022, he has operated on about forty men in this way and does not see himself “not going back”: “We are going to set up a questionnaire to get patient feedback on the care, the pain …” He will also create a “vasectomy center”, within the Archette, where two fellow urologists could join him soon.

Learn more. Dr. Bron has launched a dedicated site: A video shows how the operation takes place.
To note. Urologists from Orléans and Oréliance CHR also perform vasectomies.

23.000 vasectomies were performed in 2021, in France. There were only 2,000 in 2010. That is 11 times more in 11 years!
4 months of reflection are mandatory for men before this intervention. Just like for women before a tubal ligation (law of 2001).
65 euros is the cost of a vasectomy, reimbursed by Social Security. Additional fees may be applied: they are 300 euros for Dr Bron. Prices that climb briskly to 1,000 euros in some Parisian urologists.
3. It is necessary to wait three months (and the realization of a spermogram) for the sterilization to be effective and for the spermatozoa to have all disappeared.

Marie Guibal

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