world The Letter from Le Figaro of March 3, 2020

The Letter from Le Figaro of March 3, 2020


The cry of alarm from Greece; the Fillon, the suitcase and the horse show; the Taliban are preparing for the reconquest.

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Turkey does not “let” the migrants installed on its soil cross the borders, no, Turkey encourages them to leave by lying to them, by chartering buses, to respond to the announcements of the smugglers, to sometimes travel hundreds of kilometers, spend their savings. For a mirage.

In this Letter, also find the deciphering of an exciting interview on a not-so-freaking subject: European industrial policy.

Have a great Tuesday,

Madeleine Meteyer, journalist at Figaro

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Faced with the influx of migrants, the cry of alarm from Greece

A masked migrant on the Turkish side prepares to throw a stone at a Greek policeman in Kastanies. ALEXANDROS AVRAMIDIS / REUTERS

No one can cross the Greek borders. Those who try to enter illegally will be blocked“. This message, sent in English to foreign numbers detected near Greece, is an emergency measure: the country cannot stand alone in the face of the 13,000 migrants, Afghans, Pakistanis, Iranians, who arrived at its gates in Kastanies , Lesbos, Chios and Samos. Our envoy to Turkey, Cyrille

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