The LG 55G2 includes our guide to the best 4K Oled TVs

This year, the G-series Oled TV uses the new Oled Evo (Oled EX) panel coupled with a cooling system, which allows it to compete with Panasonic’s Oled Pro models and Sony’s and Samsung’s QD-Oled. However, it retains its original design making it easy to install on the wall, in addition to all the features of the C2.

It integrates the guide of the best 4K Oled TVs under the label 2nd best “Quality/Price” ratio. It is preceded by the Samsung QE55S95B (from 1490 €).

The two best models, all prices combined, are always:

  1. Philips 55OLED907 (from €1822.95)
  2. Panasonic TX-55JZ2000 (from €2990)

Discover without further delay our new complete selection of the best 4K OLED TVs:

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