The lies of Ábalos, a cornered minister

Delcy Rodriguez stepped on or not Spanish soil?

The sources consulted by ABC say that “technically” no, although it is true, although the Government denies it, that he left the plane – there are witnesses – and that he was in a room in the area of ​​private flights of Barajas. In any case, if La Moncloa wants to clarify this point because both tracks and other facilities of Barajas are covered by security cameras.

Was his detention mandatory if he enters?

Absolutely; In fact, the police warned José Luis Ábalos. At the moment he learned that the plane was going to land in Barajas, the relevant alarm was activated and there was no going back. Failure to do so would have meant a serious violation of legality, and so the minister was told.

Why did Minister Ábalos deny the visit?

From the moment he broke the news he was aware of the seriousness of the events and the awkwardness with which he had acted. He tried to deny it first, and yesterday, cornered, he gave two more versions … Some, as delusional as he gets on a plane in which the vice president of Venezuela is but does not meet her … It is striking that someone who He is considered to be a skilled and cunning person who did not know that it is impossible to hold meetings of this type at the airport without being detected.

Why can’t Rodriguez enter the EU?

It is a sanction imposed by the European Union, which considers the Vice President of Venezuela and Maduro’s right hand responsible for the violation of human rights in her country.

How has the EU received this meeting?

Although there is no official response, except to state that the application of sanctions to Venezuela corresponds to each Member State, it is clear that in Brussels there is surprise and discomfort. José Borrell is the head of European diplomacy and recognized Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela.

What consequences does it have on the Government?

In the case of Venezuela, as in others, there are two governments: that of Iglesias, which considers Guaidó as leader of the opposition; and that of Sánchez, who even recognizing Guaidó does not want to meet him at the highest level, together with the opposite of what other European countries are doing. The Ábalos crisis only increases the division.

Why González and Zapatero disagree?

González believes that Maduro is a dictator and Venezuela is a failed state: Zapatero, who acts as a mediator, seems captivated by him. .

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