The life of sultan of the bull «Milhijas» with his harem of victorinas

It is called “Milhijas” and lives in a green paradise in the Extremaduran term of Portezuelo. Horned with the number 9 and weighing about 500 kilos, this bull from Victorino Martín earned his life pardon on August 24 in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz). Pepe Moral pardoned him in the Magellan bullfight and embroidered the bullfight at times. Now she lives on the A estate in Cáceres crowned with her covering lot.

“Milhijas” was a dream bull. This is how Lorena Muñoz recounted it in her chronicle on ABC: «It was a fat bull that was used on the horse and put its face into deception with great quality. He did not stop ramming or humiliating Moral’s crutch for both pythons. A true brave bull that stood up to the lines that asked for a pardon after countless muletazos ».

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Bundle of covering of Milhijas, pardoned on August 24, 2019 by Pepe Moral in Sanlúcar de Barrameda and who is currently a stud of the Livestock of D.Victorino Martín.

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In the chronicle of the Efe agency they narrated it like this: “As soon as he got out into the ring he already gave signs of being a cante grande. Everything did well. He finished off in planks, squeezed his kidneys on the horse, galloped on banderillas, and then it was a torrent of brave and encased onslaught with which Moral dreamed of bullfighting for several minutes. Tireless, he was a flag bull. And soon they began to ask for a pardon from the stands, an award that was awarded by the box to put the icing on an afternoon in which there were also things of notable interest ».

It was a fabulous afternoon, with the three matadors -Octavio Chacón, Emilio de Justo and Pepe Moral-, the rancher and the foreman by the front door.

After that afternoon of glory, “Milhijas” returned to the brave field, Victorino cured him and now he enjoys a harem of wild cows in a farm full of spring, as seen in the video that the farmer himself and his daughter Miriam share in social networks with all fans to make these times of confinement more bearable. .

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