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Peugeot Motorcycles presenta the latest creation as a result of the know-how of the Mandeure workshops, the historical headquarters of the brand: the Peugeot Metropolis three-wheel scooter. Its sharp lines bear witness to the brand’s family DNA and benefit from automotive technologies. The LED lights are framed by black and chrome lines and the DRL (Daytime Running Light) optics are located on both sides of the headlights, in the image and likeness of the Peugeot 508. At the rear, this family resemblance is marked by the LED lights «3 claws» directly inspired by the Peugeot Instinct concept car. On the sides, the French flag reminds us of the origin of the Metropolis.

On board, the car’s DNA is present, with a completely redesigned instrument cluster. LCD screen and the classic needle counters They have given way to a 5-inch TFT screen, surrounded by the famous analogue dials with inverted hands of the Peugeot 308, the odometer and the rev counter.

The latest generation of Peugeot Metropolis is designed with safety in mind. Braking is ensured by large discs at the front, as well as a simple rear disc. As in the previous version, the new Peugeot Metropolis it benefits from a state-of-the-art ABS system, developed jointly with Continental for the module and Nissin for the calipers. In addition, the SBC (Synchro Braking Concept) front and rear braking combination offers greater control and the emergency braking system automatically activates the warning and brake lights for better visibility. This system is unprecedented in a three-wheeler. Peugeot metropolis also benefits from traction control that prevents the rear wheel from skidding during acceleration phases. The driver can choose between several modes (Urban, Sport or Off) depending on the grip conditions and his driving style.

Peugeot Metropolis has Smart Key technology for keyless start, which also makes it possible to dispense with locks, in particular to open the boot or fuel cap. The Metropolis 2020 launches a connectivity system, the i-Connect, with completely new features, which are accompanied by ergonomics designed to drive facing forward. You can connect a smartphone to the instrument cluster and make adjustments before getting on the scooter. The instrument panel also shows the calls and part of the SMS received, as well as range, fuel level, consumption, battery charge level or the date and time.

Su motor 400i LFE has been revised to comply with Euro 5, declaring a consumption of 3.9 L / 100 km and CO2 emissions of 89 g / km., being able to reach 300 km with a tank. The Metropolis can be driven with a B license, and has an environmental label C. It has a 17-liter compartment under the seat, as well as an additional rear luggage compartment. The first allows you to store a jet helmet or a laptop, while the second offers space for a full face helmet or bulky objects. Both have an electric opening system. The spacious glove compartment benefits from a one liter storage capacity and space to store a mobile phone with a 12V or USB socket, depending on the chosen finish. Peugeot Metropolis is available in two versions: Active and Allure.

Once underway, it draws attention to its extremely smooth ride, without vibrations, with a very automotive feel. Although when standing it feels heavy, the sensation improves with movement and shows good agility and acceleration from low speed, enough to move through traffic, although where it is most comfortable is with free terrain ahead. Its cheerful engine allows good cruising on the road, with a great protection of its screen, manually adjustable in 5 positions, although we will have to get used to some wiggles in its front over 120 km / h.

Braking is impeccable in any circumstance, also counting on the extra grip of its 3 wheels. In short, a good scooter to move around on a daily basis, with great load capacity and the added safety provided by its 3 wheels, with the incentive that it can be driven with a car license as it is homologated as a tricycle.

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