The lip shape of Gisel’s exciting video cast is a clue, here are 10 evidences from 2 experts

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Until now, the police are still investigating Video Syur like an artist Gisella Anastasia. In fact, ex Gading Marten it has been checked.

Not only that, Telematics Expert, good Roy Suryo and Abhimanyu has revealed a number of similar evidences from the analysis results nasty video like Gisel that.

From analysis two Telematics Expert that, there are 10 proof of similarity of the cast video viral 19 seconds with Gisella Anastasia.

In fact, the shape of the lips can be a clue to the similarity of Gisel and the 19-second exciting video cast.

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It is known that the community is still waiting for the police to dismantle the similar hot video maker and spreader Gisella Anastasia which went viral some time ago.

Unfortunately, the police are still careful to determine the maker of this video.

In the midst of this investigation, Gisel’s Instagram account was still attacked by netizens who accused him of being an actor in the 19-second video.

Every post Gisel, almost always commented on the 19 second video.

In fact, his latest endorsement post, Sunday (11/29/2020), in the form of a whitening cream, was commented on in connection with that case.

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