The list of African countries that support Morocco

After the Arab States, it is the turn of several African countries to provide firm support to the operation of the Royal Armed Forces, from Friday, November 13, in the buffer zone of El Guerguerate.

The Gabon, a traditional ally of the kingdom, expressed “its deep concern at the illegal operations carried out by Polisario militias in El Guergarat since October 21, 2020”. “These acts of provocation, sources of tension, constitute flagrant violations of the relevant agreements and resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, severely hamper civil and commercial traffic, and weaken the signed ceasefire,” the statement added. of the Gabonese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Libreville opened, on January 17, 2020, its consulate general in Laayoune.

Same story with the Union des Comoros. In a statement published on Saturday November 14 on behalf of the Head of State, the Foreign Ministry declared “to follow with attention the situation in the Moroccan Sahara where the Royal Armed Forces are facing the obstruction of civil and commercial traffic. at the border of El Guergarat by the elements of the Polisario ”. Moroni took this opportunity to salute the sustained efforts made by the UN Secretary General in the search for a political and diplomatic solution to this dispute. On December 19, 2019, the Union of the Comoros inaugurated its consulate general in Laayoune.

Djibouti joined the list of African countries supporting Morocco’s action to secure the movement of goods and people in El Guerguerate. The Djibouti Foreign Ministry “has expressed its rejection of any act likely to affect traffic at this vital passage between the Kingdom of Morocco and its African depth”. Djibouti also reiterated its position of principle in favor of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Morocco. This country, located on the Horn of Africa, opened a consulate general in Dakhla on February 28, 2020.

The Central African Republic also expressed “its support for the Kingdom of Morocco for its attachment to respect for the Ceasefire Agreement and its stance for a political solution in favor of the security and stability of the region”, indicates his ministry of Foreign Affairs in a press release. Bangui has, moreover, “condemned any violation of the terms of the Agreement, and called for its respect as well as for the continuation of political and diplomatic negotiations”. The Central African Republic opened a consulate general in Laayoune on January 23.

A Sao Tome and Principe, support for the kingdom was expressed by the President of the National Assembly, Delfim Santiago Das Neves. The official condemns the “criminal act” of blocking El Guerguerate. “We believe that in the name of legality plausible solutions allowing the movement of people and goods will be found so as to be able to ensure the safety of the population”, added the parliamentarian. The Republic of Sao Tome and Principe inaugurated, on January 23, 2020, a consulate general in Laayoune.

On the Cairo side, support for Morocco is more cautious. TheEgypt calls on “the parties to restraint and to respect the resolutions of the Security Council calling for a ceasefire and to refrain from any act of provocation and any act prejudicial to economic interests and commercial exchange in this region, ”said the spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Cairo stresses the need to take the path of dialogue and the continuation of the political process with a view to reaching a settlement of the crisis which must guarantee “the stability and the interests of all the parties and respect the particular considerations of legality. international and especially the principle of the sovereignty of States ”, he specified. On Saturday November 14, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Choukri had telephone conversations with his Algerian counterparts Sabri Boukadoum, and Moroccan Nasser Bourita.

The kingdom ofIn Swaziland also reiterated its solidarity with Morocco in the preservation of its sovereignty and its territorial integrity, said Monday, November 16, the Foreign Ministry of Eswatini in a statement. “The Kingdom of Eswatini fully recognizes the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Morocco over all its territory and the right of its government to restore and ensure the free movement of people and goods in the buffer zone of El Guerguerate”. Eswatini opened a consulate general in Laayoune on October 27.

The Gambia, another Moroccan ally in West Africa, also lent support to Rabat. The Gambian Foreign Ministry reaffirmed in a press release “its recognition of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco” and praised “the peaceful and decisive action taken by Morocco to ensure free civil and commercial movement at the level of passage of El Guerguerate ”. On January 7, The Gambia inaugurated its Consulate General in Dakhla.

The Equatorial Guinea has expressed its support for the Kingdom of Morocco, indicates the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malabo. The executive declares to have followed the peaceful and inoffensive operation led by the Royal Armed Forces in order to restore order and guarantee the free movement of goods and people. Equatorial Guinea took this opportunity to urge MINURSO and United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres to step up their efforts to reach a peaceful and final solution that promotes security and stability in the region. Malabo opened a consulate in Dakhla on October 23.

The Somalia stands by Morocco’s side in all the measures it undertakes to protect its security and sovereignty over its territories through the intervention of the Kingdom to restore free civil and commercial movement at the border post of El Guergarate, the Somali foreign ministry also said.

The Guinea-Bissau encouraged “Morocco’s action for peaceful stabilization in El Guergarat, with a view to avoiding confrontation, while considering the fastest return to the path of negotiations for the resolution of the crisis”. In a statement, the Minister of Foreign Affairs underlined that “the Republic of Guinea-Bissau remains available to support all international efforts under the aegis of the UN in order to reach a politically consensual and lasting solution to this conflict”.

The Zambia declared its full support for the free movement of commercial and civil traffic and also welcomed “the peaceful and decisive action taken by the Kingdom of Morocco to ensure the free movement of goods and people in this important corridor”. In this press release, the Zambian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also reiterated its recognition of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The Government of Benign assured to follow with “a lot of attention the situation of tension in the buffer zone of El Guergarat induced by frictions which interrupted the circulation and caused acts which were detrimental to the public order and to the peace of the populations”. Through this press release from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Benin praised “the pacifist posture adopted by the Kingdom of Morocco which has once again proved its attachment to peace and to the development of the region and of the Africa”.

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