The list of politicians, businessmen and athletes who received millionaire subsidies to pay for electricity | From Carlos Rosenkrantz to Tevez

In the midst of the debate over the cut in energy subsidies, the details of which were announced this Tuesday at a press conference by officials from the Ministry of Economy, the list of businessmen, former officials and entertainment and sports celebrities who Despite having millionaire assets as a result of their activity, they retain State assistance to pay for high energy consumption.

In the extensive list appear figures such as the judge of the Supreme Court of Justice Carlos Rosenkrantz, who presided over the highest court between 2018 and 2021; the powerful Blaquier family, the businessmen Eduardo Constantini – CEO of Consultatio, creator of Malba and the private neighborhood Nordelta -, as well as Juan Carlos and Sebastián Bagó, owners of the Bagó laboratory. All of them did not renounce the subsidies proposed by the administration of Cristina Kirchner, in 2011, who had enabled a system of voluntary waiver of subsidies from the National State for water, electricity and gas services, for those users who consider that they do not they need and that could be done through the portfolio’s website and over the phone.

The list, which came to light this afternoon, details the amount of KwH consumed per year, at a more than high level, especially if one takes into account that the segmentation announced this Tuesday foresees that a cap, to sustain the subsidy, of 400 kWh per month. In the great majority of the cases of celebrities and celebrities who maintain the subsidy, they registered a very high consumption: Carlos Tevez, for example, consumed 426,000 kWh of electrical energy in one year, and received a State subsidy of $2,933,217.

The complete list and the amounts they received in subsidies

  • Carlos Tevez: $2,933,000
  • Marcela Tinayre: $187,313
  • Mirtha Legrand: $89.608.
  • Blaquier family: $1,600,000.
  • Julio Comparada (former president of Independiente): $233,747
  • Araceli Gonzalez: $335,124
  • Hilda “Chiche” González, the wife of Eduardo Duhalde: $474,008
  • David Nalbandian: $74.369
  • Carlos Fernando Rosenkrantz: $48,256
  • Eduardo Constantine: $289,743
  • Fabian Cubero: $25,467
  • Francisco Macri, son of Mauricio Macri: $60,830
  • Daniel Funes from Rioja: $257,000.
  • Cristian “El Lobo” Ledesma (former player): $216,918
  • Amadeo Francisco Juncadella: $756,068
  • Jorge Luis Magnasco (repressor): $123,425
  • Juan Carlos and Sebastián Bagó, the owners of Bagó laboratories: $1,000,000.
  • Alberto Roemmers, the late owner of Roemmers Laboratories: $203,026.

Consumption in KwH per year

  • New, Juan Carlos 33.785

  • New, Sebastian 99.081
  • Blaquier, Alexander 39,770
  • Blaquier, Carlos Herminio 8,360
  • Blaquier, Ignacio 4,608
  • Blaquier, Maria Elena 14,658
  • Blaquier, Santiago 20,440
  • Blaquier, Santiago 158,637
  • Bulgheroni, Alejandro Pedro 16,187
  • Comparative, Julio Alberto 34,392
  • Costantini, Eduardo Francisco 42,631
  • Cubero, Fabian Alberto 3,747
  • Eskenazi Storey, Matias 106,897
  • Eskenazi, Enrique 34,269
  • Funes De Rioja, Daniel Carlos Lucio 37,943
  • Galuccio, Miguel Matías 19,988
  • Gonzalez, Araceli Edith 49,308
  • Gonzalez, Hilda Beatriz 70,468
  • Herrera De Noble, Ernestina Laura 201,212
  • Juncadella, Amadeo Francisco 109,806
  • Ledesma, Cristian Raul 31,916
  • Macri, Francisco 8,835
  • Madanes, Javier Santiago 87,456
  • Magnasco, Jorge Luis 18,160
  • Mastellone,
  • Menditeguy, Isabel 11,550
  • Mirenna,
    Fernando Christian
  • Mirenna, John 19,681
  • Mirenna, Marcelo Pablo 35,021
  • Nalbandian, David Paul 11,056
  • Perez Companc, Jorge Gregorio 22,884
  • Rosenkrantz, Carlos Fernando 7.174
  • Tevez, Carlos Alberto 426,000
  • Tinayre, Marcela 27,560
  • Tinayre, Rosa Martinez From 13,184
  • Werthein,

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