The list with the 7 essentials according to the WHO

Superfoods: the 7 essential foods according to the WHO.
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The superfoods they are the new fashion in nutrition and dietetics. Many are the influencers and cooking recipes that have long talked about superfoods, while numerous food experts insist that no product should be considered superfood because they all have healthy properties and are recommended to take care of our physical and mental well-being. You just have to be careful not to abuse any food, to try to reduce sugars and saturated fats, and to try to eat a diet based on fresh and natural products.

Superfoods are those foods rich in vitamins, antioxidants or healthy fats. For the World Health Organization (WHO), superfoods are all those that should never be lacking in our diet.

The 7 superfoods that you should not miss

Next, we offer you the list with the 7 essential superfoods according to the WHO and that they should never be absent from your table. The order is random and does not indicate that the first is more important or better than the second; in any case, their consumption is usually higher than the superfoods that are located below due to the special characteristics and properties of each one of them. Take note.

Oranges and kiwis

They are two excellent sources of vitamin C, in addition to folic acid and antioxidants, which makes both fruits great tools to fight free radicals and take care of ourselves in autumn and winter.


Another food that has a large amount of vitamin C. It also stands out for its low caloric intake and its large amount of water, in addition to its interesting contribution of fiber. It is a source of antioxidants, vitamins A, E, B6 and is considered a powerful anticancer.


Superfood that stands out for its high content of vitamin C and for its low caloric content and its excellent supply of water to our body. It is considered a great free radical scavenger (the benefits that its intake has for the skin are well known) and cholesterol reducer. In addition, it is a very versatile product and one of the great protagonists of Spanish cuisine, so it can be used in a multitude of recipes.

Almonds and walnuts

They are the two most beneficial nuts for the body due to the high content of fatty acids they offer. In fact, they are a natural source of Omega3, in addition to vitamin E and fiber. They are considered an excellent superfood to regulate cholesterol and take care of the heart and, even, to prevent the appearance of certain tumors.

Olive oil is the superfood par excellence. Pexels/The Lazy Artist Gallery

Olive oil

It is one of the great assets of the well-known Mediterranean diet and the superfood par excellence. Its antioxidant properties and its ability to reduce cholesterol are known, as well as helping to reduce the rate of heart attacks, having anti-cancer qualities and even its ability to help curb (as far as possible) diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

This is the list of seven superfoods recognized as such by the WHO, which also highlights the magnificent qualities of other products such as cocoa or chocolate, legumes, garlic, or blue fish.


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