“The Little Mermaid Premiere: Fan’s Bizarre Experience with Free Sushi Sparks Controversy”

2023-05-30 01:30:00

Can you imagine attending the premiere of ‘The Little Mermaid’ and being given free sushi to watch the movie? This bizarre situation actually happened and a fan had this experience. Don’t forget the line in ‘Finding Nemo’: “Fish are friends, not food”

The Little Mermaid has spent its first weekend beating Fast and Furious 10 at the global box office. Disney’s new live-action features Halle Bailey as Princess Ariel herself, something that has aroused all kinds of emotions and, unfortunately, racist comments as it happened with Pato Borghetti. And if that wasn’t enough, a fan of the movie had a bizarre experience when he was given sushi at the movie’s premiere.

This act would have made Lilo angry, since it is an abomination to offer a dish with raw fish for dinner, when the film shows marine life. This without forgetting that Flounder, one of Ariel’s best friends, is actually a fish, which adds a dark twist to the dining experience.

And for proof of this, this bewildered fan He uploaded photos to his TikTok account showing how he received his Little Mermaid-inspired dinner with an order of sushi at a US premiere.. Even the plastic that covers the food had a stamp of the film attached to it.

In the user’s words, he assured that it seemed like a “brilliant” idea, since it adhered to the underwater theme of the film co-starring Javier Bardem, but this does not subtract the double message, something that he thought is “sick”. And if you are a lover of marine life, this surely would not have been funny, especially when you were about to start the movie with happy fish and familiar music.

As expected, this situation aroused all kinds of reactions (as if the movie needed more controversy on its side). “RIP Flounder, you would have loved the movie”, “I think this is what Ariel eats”, “Oh! This is wild”various users wrote in the comments.

Maybe it’s best stick to what the moviegoer tradition dictates and better buy a combo of large popcorn, very cold drinks and perhaps an ice cream, especially if you are going to see The little Mermaid. We do not want you to have a trauma like this user, who could not keep his surprise and had to tell the world about the strange experience he had in a function.

if you still don’t see The little Mermaiddo not forget that you can still buy tickets, because its passage through cinemas in our country has just begun, so we will have a lot to keep telling both about Ariel and about curious stories like this sushi in the middle of the premiere. And don’t forget the saying “fish are friends, not food” that made it so famous. Finding Nemo; how much wisdom was behind these words.

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