the little music of the third confinement is heard

The question of a third confinement was asked to Olivier Véran in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche. The person did not reject the idea, “if the epidemic situation were to worsen”, while remaining evasive.

“We never rule out measures that may be necessary to protect populations. It does not mean that we have decided but that we observe the situation from hour to hour “

The Minister of Health pointed out the number of positive cases declared each day – on average 14,000 -, specifying that “the objective of 5,000 is moving away. And the pressure on the health system remains high, with 1,500 hospitalizations per day ”.

In the Grand-Est, it is mayors who are stepping up to ask for containment, at least local, without waiting for “the situation to deteriorate”. Thus Arnaud Robinet in Reims and Mathieu Klein in Nancy, according to which:

“I think that the prospect of reconfinement is inevitable today”

A defense council on Tuesday

But France is, overall, cut in two, with a circulation of the virus much more active in the East than in the West. If there is to be re-containment in January, will it be national or local?

This will be one of the questions on the table of the health defense council to be held on Tuesday by video conference. Other options are being studied such as the extension of the curfew and teleworking beyond January 20 and the non-reopening of bars, restaurants, theaters and other places of culture.

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For the latter, a situation update was to be made on January 7. Nothing says it will not be advanced.

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